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San Angelo: City of Heroes, 20 years later

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I posted this to my "Junior Justice Foundation Campaign" thread a short time ago.


Based on my opinion that the Del Oro River Delta and the Sacramento/San Joaquin River Delta are the same, San Angelo County is Solano County and Del Oro County is Sonoma County.


As they are that close, in my opinion, to the San Francisco Bay Area, San Angelo has no professional sports teams and probably doesn't have as many radio and TV stations as we thought.

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In coming up with ideas for San Angelo in my Junior Justice Foundation campaign, I have to look to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, my home town.  We once had a Chinatown, but don't anymore.  The same thing has happened to San Angelo.  The City Center has expanded, forcing the population to move to other parts of the city.


Pittsburgh's Point State Park serves as a reference for San Angelo's Confluence Point Park while Downtown Pittsburgh serves as the model for San Angelo's City Center.












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I would like to echo the need for neighborhood supplements, like Dragon's Gate.  One for University Commons would be good, as would one for College Gardens and Lakeview.  A supplement about Samuel Brackett City Park wold also be good as well as more information about the area airports.  They could be PDFs instead of printed.

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In my campaign, the latest incarnation, the Justice Foundation has two teams and a support staff consisting of security guards, communications room staffers, a secretary, a housekeeper, a nurse, an electronics expert, one pilot for each team, and a computer expert, some of which were think tank staffers.


The senior team uses the TurboJet, which is 60 feet long, has a wingspan of 50 feet 11 inches and has a top speed of Mach 9.85.  (I based the size on a Learjet 75.)  The junior team uses a conventional helicopter.


Edit: My mistake on the TurboJet's top speed.  It's top speed is 2,360 miles per hour (approximately Mach 3).

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