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The Blooded: Modern Mythos

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4 hours ago, Steve said:

Average Skill Penalty looks like it should be -5 based on 47.4 Average Active Points, if the standard is -1/10 penalty.


So, on any given day, despite having access to such wondrous powers, over half of them don't use them at all? That's some impressive self-control given that you could have some individuals among them who have a favorite ability or two they use every chance they can.


Even given your assumptions, about six breaches a day just in NYC alone implies that the worldwide effect is a powder keg waiting to detonate. 


Not all of the spells are -1 per 10 AP, the more expensive spells are -1 per 20...still I was rounding the penalties wrong in my base spells, I was rounding in the players favor.  I revisited the rounding and it ends up equalling 4.81 so I bumped up the % fail column by 1...and FYI I'm throwing out the top 2 and lowest 2 spells in my calculations in both cases.  Now I have to go back through the doc and update the spells themselves.


I think it's reasonable to assume that if you could do something really cool on demand but it has the potential to do something really horrible you would be judicious about doing it.  That's my premise coming into the calculations which I think is reasonable.  However, the numbers are getting a little bit too high with that new bump in penalty...I may take you up on your suggestion of going for -1 per 20 across the board, it will get the numbers down to 2.3 using the same assumptions.  

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Updated the doc a bit...

  • Changed fonts to be Times New Roman per the writers guidelines
  • Formatted text per the writing guidelines (no spaces between paragraphs, tabs on paragraph start, etc)
  • Updated all spells to use -1 per 20 AP instead of the standard -1 per 10
  • Updated NPCs 

Next up I have to come to terms with my love of the word "that"...

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I made some more document changes...

  • I abandoned the writing guidelines in favor of a 2 column layout
  • All spells are now -1 per 20 AP for skill roll penalties
  • Moved some sections around for better readability
  • Moved the work I was doing to write up NYC to its own document
  • I picturefied the document (shout out to Jason S. Walters on this one)

I'll post the setting book for the game later once I have a little more work to show.  So far I wrote up most of the important NPCs in Manhattan.  I'll probably stop once I have Manhattan written up in general and not worry about the other boroughs until I actually start playing the game.

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