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Give This Character a Life!

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I created this picture once upon time. I had no idea for a character name or backstory, or even a powerset (other than the flames). And having recently found the picture in my digital files, I find that I still don't. 


So I'm turning to you for help. Who is she? Where does she come from? Is she a hero or a villain? What are her powers? And what's the deal with her costume?


I look forward to seeing your creativity at work.




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She, of course, is The Blue Flame, a superhero with a blue tint fire powers. As for that costume, the energies inside her keep her warm, and people always say she has a great pair of legs...

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Laurana Ranzz is Lightning Lad and Saturn Girl's third child (her costume is a blend of theirs plus a homage to other classic Legion uniforms). Her parents are still very worried about her mental stability because she wasn't born a twin like the vast majority of the other children on Winath. She hasn't shown any abnormal mental tendencies to her parents other than brooding perhaps a bit much over girls.


She's currently attending the Legion of Superheroes Academy and shows promise because of training she's already received from her parents. She has both the mental powers of her mother and the lightning powers of her father (the lightning manifests as a glowing purple nimbus around her hands and she has a number of psychic abilities including a mental shield so strong that even her mother cannot penetrate it). She has not yet picked a permanent code name, having gone through six of them already during her first semester at the Academy. Both the teachers and her fellow students refer to her as Laurana rather than try to remember her code name of the week, though the teachers have been known to refer to her, very loudly, as "Ranzz!" when she screws up.


Secretly Laurana has been using her mental powers to manipulate the romances of her fellow students. Some of it has been to make sure the choicest girls are available when she is interested in them. Other manipulations are just to amuse her because she really is mentally abnormal: she doesn't have the normal amount of "human" empathy though she uses her completely invisible telepathy as needed to figure out how other people expect her to respond. She is very careful to not get caught doing even the slightest thing wrong.


If her manipulations are discovered and not handled delicately, she could go full-blown supervillain. Laurana has fantasized about going full-blown supervillain and has escape plans from both her home and the Academy if it becomes necessary. She's decided that her supervillain name would be Patch Job, for no particular reason other than that she thinks it sounds cool, and that anyone who complains about it will get a face full of lightning. Or maybe be mind controlled into becoming a nudist, whichever seems best at the time.


Supervillain certainly isn't her first choice since she's spent much more time fantasizing about being a member of the Legion: having all of those adventures, being praised as a hero, and getting at least as many girls as Sun Boy did in his heyday.


Her current superhero code name of the week is Cerebra.



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On 3/29/2019 at 1:07 PM, steriaca said:

She, of course, is The Blue Flame, a superhero with a blue tint fire powers. As for that costume, the energies inside her keep her warm, and people always say she has a great pair of legs...


I was gonna use the same name when I saw the digest for this post. 


My take on her exposed legs is because her body radiates heat but she's too modest to expose herself more than that. We can say the costume acts as a heat sink, drawing the heat towards her hands where it can be discharged safely.


Heaven forbid they remove this safety leotard as her body will be forced to discharge using her entire body causing a large body shaped area of effect attack. 

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Bolt (known by her true name of Boltara on her own world) is a cousin of the not-quite supervillainess Lumina,

a member of the meta-activist group Factor 7. When her cousin fled their world in search of adventure (after

having undergone a treatment which granted members of the planet's royal family superhumanoid powers

and stealing a ship) rather than serve as an example of proper behavior, Boltara volunteered to go and bring

her errant cousin back home. To make things easier for her, Boltara underwent the same treatment as Lumina,

so that she would have a chance to face her cousin on equal terms should she refuse to return.


However, because of an unsuspected quirk of her genetic structure, Boltara gained powers which differed from

those of her cousin; instead of light-based powers like those possessed by Lumina, Boltara gained the power

to project bolts of plasma energy from her hands, as well as the power of flight and the ability to survive unaided

in space. Because of an inability to regulate the power of her plasma bolts, the planet's scientists devised a suit

of advanced armor for Boltara which would enable her to control their power level. In addition, the armor would

also enable her to, upon drawing on a small part of her energy, access hyperspace, thereby allowing Boltara to

travel across interstellar distances in a relatively short time. The armor also had a built-in computer with an ad-

vanced navigational database, as well as a universal translator which would allow her to understand and speak

with any sentient species that she might encounter in the course of her travels.


Once she was fully trained in both the use of her powers and the armor, Boltara left to carry out her mission,

which eventually led to an out-of-the-way little planet called Earth...


Here's my take on Bolt's outfit (as done with FdH2014):




Major Tom 2009 ?

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