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Time Limit interacting with Costs Endurance

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This is a strange one, but it is reproducible...I'm not sure if it's just me using HD incorrectly or a bug but I figured I would report it.  I also understand that Time Limit can be an Advantage or a Limitation depending on the power but this happens on the same power.  For the record, I'm using the 20190210 build.


  1. Add the power "Knockback Resistance" to a character
    1. Add "Time Limit", note that it is a Limitation at this point
    2. Add the "Cost Endurance" Limitation (Only Costs END to Activate)
    3. Note the Active Points and Real Points of the power
    4. Save the power
  2. Open the power you just added
  3. The AP and Real Cost has changed because Time Limit has turned into an advantage
  4. Hit "OK" to save the power with the new cost
  5. Close the character in HD
  6. Open the character
  7. The cost of the power has changed again because Time Limit is now a limitation


This also happens when adding powers built with Time Limit and Costs Endurance from prefabs.  Time Limit will flip from a limitation to an advantage when adding the power to the character from the prefab causing point costs to skewed.


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I get this same thing when I add Sentry0's power.


Saves as one thing opens again as something else.  Save the new version, close and it opens again as the old version...


I'm using build 20180806



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If you take Costs END on a Persistent power, then it becomes Constant, which then makes Time Limit an Advantage. I'm not sure why it would be flipping back and forth though.


There might be another rule issue that confuses things, I guess.

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4 minutes ago, Simon said:

Well that was a fun one to track down.


Just pushed an update that should fix the issue.



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I hate to do this to you but I think there's still an issue with Time Limit and Costs Endurance (Only to Activate).


According to the Time limit writeup (6E1 346), Time Limit should be a limitation when it's applied to a persistent power when that power costs 0 END or only costs END to activate.  


If you take Knockback Resistance as an example:

  1. Add Knockback Resistance to a character
  2. Add "Time Limit" to the power, note that it's correctly identified as a limitation at this point
  3. Add Costs Endurance (Only Costs END to Activate) and Time Limit flips to an advantage

I believe that this is incorrect behavior based on the Time Limit writeup.



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Just now, Simon said:

A Persistent Power cannot cost END. A Persistent Power with Costs END Only to Activate is no longer Persistent - it’s Constant.


I see, thanks for the clarification.

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