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Poisons and Saving Throws

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3 hours ago, Gnome BODY (important!) said:

The thing that makes this tricky is that some characters should legitimately be immune to all poisons, full stop.  Beepers the robot has no business being poisoned by anything, and should have some power to ensure that.  But under the rules as is, that's not doable without Absolute Effect fiat.  And it's bloody expensive! 




Lucius Alexander


The palindromedary says that's just one example....

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Hero is good in that there are no absolutes; you can make yourself immune to all poisons, until someone comes up with a special demon poison or alien poison or something even weirder that still can affect you.


The reasonable immunity to poison exists: normal terrestrial poisons have no effect.  But someone might come up with a poison that affects only machines or metal or AI devices, etc.  That should work.

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