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The next Primus Avenger Program.

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In both the PRIMUS source book, and the agency's previous depiction in Classic Organizations, the Golden Avenger was effective field commander of PRIMUS, but there was a Director above him. Champions Universe declares the GA to be the head of PRIMUS, but I don't think it makes sense to confine your strongest front-line fighter to what is of necessity a desk job. So I agree with you.


Good call on the Departmental distinction between SAT and PRIMUS. Never thought of that. SAT's smaller size would make more sense for a military strike force than for a domestic law-enforcement agency.

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1 hour ago, Wakshaani said:

(but SAT, the Super American tactics? That effectively dead org I rebuilt as, in effect, GI Joe. THAT'S the international terrorist-fighting arm of the US military. Gives each organization a reason to exist.)

I like that idea, which would give you a reason to us WSS

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Not familiar with the new almanac I'm afraid, but, SAT having a role was nice to deal with having two otherwise-similar groups. And, yes, having your top field agent as the desk jockey was a problem, so, brought the director back for my home games... each regional office has a civilian head, too. In Boston (the city I ran for my hero teams), you had the Director, with the Silver Avenger his right hand, then heads of field operations (Captain Dermott... field officers topped at Captain), head of the Iron Guard, head of investigations, head of R&D, and then a liason officer who workd with each local superteam (The liasons were all pulled from the bureaucratic majority that the director was in charge of, so they had no official power other than advisory, but it was good form to have them around for major calls.)

That's a lot of paperwork, but, we're talking about a bureaucratic force, so it works. :D

SAT, meanwhile, was the strikeforce and, unlike Primus which had a turf war/rivalry with UNTIL, SAT worked with them … in essence, SAT was the tip of the spear, sent in first, then UNTIL would come in as peacekeepers, akin to having the US military assault somewhere and the Blue Helmets take over when the fighting was done. The setup allowed each force to do what it did best, so there wasn't all that much friction between the two.

There is, however, a lot of one-upmanship between Primus agents and SAT troopers, tho.

"Nice watching you guys guard the mayor last week. All that standing around in dress uniforms. Musta been nice."
"Yeah, well we ere on the lookout for super villains."
"Oh, like the ones we took down three weeks ago?"
"What, the *Canadian* villains? No, we were watching for REAL villains."
"Hey, don't sell him short because he's Canadian! The Amasing Darkon is-"
"The Amazing Darkon! Listen to this guy! Couldn't cut it in a real *American* outfit."
"You shut your mouth before I shut it for you!"

Etc etc and so on. 

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