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Starting New Champions Campaign after not playing for 5 years


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Heck, I had pretty much abandoned the system. It IS the system that I know the best. So when the players wanted to play Supers, it was the game I chose.

We are running a beginning 6e Champions Game.

Dex 18, SPD 5, DC10 (62 active), CV 7 as our averages.
So Skill levels (yet)

The PCs are the newest hosts for Beings that are Iconic for a character type.


I'm BACK!!

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On 4/26/2019 at 2:19 PM, Tasha said:

The essence of being the Iconic Brick, Martial Artist, etc. Kind of similar to the Gestalt Setting, but different :)

Are you allowing your players to play the same type of Icon like the Hulk and Colossus or only having one slot for each player?



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For Session Zero:
The PCs were riding home on Public Transit and were passing though the Port of Oakland. When a huge explosion of Black energy engulfs the train. They ee a white flash behind their eyes and pass our.

The PCs awake in a Hospital Room with no windows. Hooked up to IVs and monitoring machines. With a LARGE Kitten on their bed mind speaking with them urging them to awaken. The PCs do so, go out in the hall to meet the other PCs and a Very Large (large Bobcat/Lynx) sized black cat. Who explains to them that they were discovered during a rescue for the Kittens. They were recognized as the survivors of the commuter train accident a year ago and were added to the list of people that needed rescuing. On the way out security robot dogs attack the escapees. The PCs use powers they didn't know they had to defeat the security bots and then leave the facility. Met at the shoreline by and Established Superheroine Fury, who teleports them to a Superteam's base located at the former Alameda Naval Air Station.

GM comments:
The players had very sketched out PCs at the beginning of all of this. So what they had was basic and evolving. The experienced players picked up the rules quickly despite not having played since 4th edition. The true noobies picked up the rules quickly. Thanks to "hero in 2 Pages" and someone's Hero System Survival guide. The session was short due to the early character gen and campaign setup.

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NPCs encountered
13 Black, a Cyberkinetic Uplifted Housecat.
13 Black's Clone Children- Simiilar powerset to 13 Black, but weaker as they are still kittens.
Fury a Teleporting Martial Artist, who creates wormhole between places

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