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Killer Shrike

Here There Be Monsters: Melissa McBrien

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A new Here There Be Monsters character...dubbed "old lady Cthulhu face" by a certain player, a creepy possible addition to a party of Monster Hunters.


Melissa is descended from one of the various Elder Thing tainted bloodlines. She physically appears normal from the outside (most of the time), but an autopsy would reveal that her physiology is inhuman and disturbing. Those with supernatural senses also recognize her as being of Elder Thing origins. From a practical perspective she is incredibly durable, not invulnerable but very difficult to injure, and her mind and body are resistant to external manipulation. When her true nature is revelead, one or more high-tensile strength tentacles can emerge from her body, primarily from her mouth. This effect is disturbing, and causes psychological damage to many who observe it.


http://www.killershrike.com/HereThereBeMonsters/Characters/GMsVault/Killer Shrike/Melissa McBrien.HTML




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On 5/6/2019 at 11:19 AM, Killer Shrike said:

Thanks! I had fun making her. The tricky part, as is often the case with more outlandish characters for HtbM, was finding some appropriate artwork.

I am having good luck with HeroMachine lately. It looks cartoony, of course, but it can get the idea across.


- E


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