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Here There Be Monsters (HtbM) Welcome

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This club is for those who contribute to the Here There Be Monsters (HtbM) setting, play in a HtbM campaign, or are just interested in the material. 


Unfortunately, the very lengthy old thread from the Dark Champions forum where the modern 6e iteration of the setting was built collaboratively on these boards did not survive the most recent archival purge. Similarly, a G+ group for the setting recently died as well along with the rest of G+. Luckily, most of the usable game content is preserved on killershrike.com at http://www.killershrike.com/HereThereBeMonsters/Concept.aspx, but the real world creative collaboration and design process captured in the forums and on G+ are gone. 


New characters, story ideas, resources, campaign related information, and so forth will appear here as time goes by. Hopefully this venue will outlast the previous two. 

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