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LF more Players/Gm's Orlando FL

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Greetings! We are a 3 member group looking for 1-2 more members for our weekly game. The group usually meets in the Orlando (FL) Winter Garden area (the middle point between all the current members). We have been playing consistently now for over 4 months once per week w/o any sign of stopping any time soon, which is great if you are looking for a steady group.

We play champions w/ a twist and a bit more gritty and deadly than average (vigilantes welcome). Currently we meet every Thursday between 7pm and 12ish (we will also be trying to get a Palladium Fantasy or Rifts game same day 2pm to 6:30pm or Fridays or Saturday after 3pm). Also, the adventure is built in such a way that all members can take turns running the game w/o having to change setting or characters; though we do get to visit other dimensions from time to time and these places range anywhere from magic and fantasy to space age. This also allows you the opportunity to 'switch alts' between adventures if you so wish.

Your character can be as immature or insane as you wish, but the group prefers mature players (no this doesn't mean old, lol).

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