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TAGs for some things in Character file

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Can you access the Rules section in the .hdc files? I've seen them in there at the end.


Where is the Notes for the characteristics and how do you access that and some of the other things in the file? (i.e. color burst, etc)

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For Rules, there are no current export tags. Probably the closest I'd be willing to go would be to give a Rules container (e.g. <!--RULES--> ... <!--/RULES-->) that would allow you to use ATTRIBUTE_VALUE tags to go through the various getter methods in the Rules object. You'd need to run through the javadoc for the actual method names.


Notes (the last column on the characteristics table) are accessed via the appropriate _NOTES tag  e.g. <!--STR_NOTES-->


The color/color burst was never intended for use in HD -- it was part of a brief integration with the ill-fated HeroSphere. You can get at the value by using ATTRIBUTE_VALUE, but it's pointless as there's no place that it is set within HD.

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