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What is a good starting CP value in general and for these enemies especially?


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10 hours ago, phydaux said:

"Mental Paralysis (Entangle that goes against EGO, not STR)"


My gaming group calls that one "The I Win Button."  We don't disallow it, but anyone who uses it buys beer & pizza for the whole table next session.


To be honest, I don't disallow it either.  However, as it got used more often by the PC hero, I had the bad guys develop defenses against it, with ARGENT producing a neat device that they'll sell to villains for a tidy sum.  (Though I like your idea for dealing with it.)

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Yet another question came up for me. 🙂

So far I've a bit of a problem with understanding how damage and resistance work.


Does rED or rPD cover normal ED or PD as well? If yes, is it advicable to focus on rED and rPD and skip the normal damage part?


Could anyone help me out here? 🙂

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Yes, rPD and rED cover normal (non-killing) physical and energy damage.  Also, your normal (non-resistant) PD or ED is added to your rPD and rED, with that total applied against the STUN of a Killing Attack.  Only the rPD / rED is applied against the BODY damage of the killing attack.


For example, let's say Joe the SWAT Cop is wearing a bulletproof vest (6 rPD / 6 rED) and has his own 4 PD / 2 ED.  Joe is shot in the chest with a pistol (1d6+1 RKA), doing 5 BODY and 15 STUN.  The 5 BODY goes against the 6 rPD (doing no BODY damage to Joe), and the 15 STUN goes against the 10 total PD (6 rPD + 4 PD), doing 5 STUN to Joe.  If the thug hit Joe in the back with a lead pipe (doing 5 BODY and 18 STUN of normal damage), Joe would still get his full 10 PD against the attack (taking no BODY and 8 STUN).


As such, I advise a mix of Resistant and Normal defenses, because the resistant defenses cost more than the normal defenses.


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