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If you take Extra Time - Extra Segment on something like Growth, you will grow to the new height at the end of the next segment.  Since Growth normally doesn't take a Half-Phase to activate, do you get a full phase to do with as you please on the turn that you activate it?  

I ask because 6E1 pg 376 says "he may take a Half Phase Action first, if he so desires" in reference to activating the power.  It goes on to talk about a bunch of attack stuff, which lead me to wonder if they were trying to call out that attacks take the half-phase they normally do or if the power activation now has to be at least a half phase since you have taken Extra Time.  

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6e1p374 While a character activates a power with Extra Time, he may take other actions (if not, the Limitation is worth an additional -¼; characters may not take this for the Full Phase or Delayed Phase versions of Extra Time). 


This means that activating the power is the end of your action.

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6 hours ago, Uthanar said:

I am not certain how that is the reading when it says that the above says that you can do other things while you activate it.  

I believe what dsatow was indicating that if you took the additional +1/4 limitation, your activation ends your action. Otherwise, you are free to use your action.


- E

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