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How do I make a character buoyant?


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I have a character whose weird suit utilizes the cutting edge of marshmallow technology.  I want him to float on water.  By that I mean effortlessly floating, so buoyant that he could hold up several other characters, even unconscious.


One idea I had was that I would buy a small amount of flight (equivalent in points to his STR maybe) 0 end, persistent with the limitation that it can't actually move him, only to hold him at the surface of any body of liquid.  


Is that the best way to do it?  Am I missing something more obvious?  

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I would use Flight 1m, Usable By Nearby (so others can use it as you describe), Only To Float (-2). You might want to buy more Flight so that you could use it to enhance your ability to "lift" (6E2 25-26), or you could buy extra STR with the -2 Limitation, Only To Float.


But that's only one suggestion; I'm sure other folx here on the boards have some other cool ideas too. What do you have to say, Herophiles?

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I like the swimming idea myself, if only because it seems more appropriate: it doesn't inherently let you move above the water.  I'd also apply a small limitation: only to float, since swimming also let's you play about under the water normally.  A modifier of only to float; I don't know if I'd use the - 2 Steve suggested for Flight, but I'd consider it if you can't actually direct your movement and are truly bobbing on the water, at the mercy of tide and wind. Persistent, as suggested above, and usable by others / usable by nearby _maybe_, depending on your SFX.  If you Inflate to the size of a raft, then I wouldn't require it, but definitely some STR (only for holding floating others) to demonstrate how much mass you can keep afloat. 


At the end of the day, I expect it would cost very much the same as the Flight build Steve suggested,  and I admit that Flight has a built-in "flight strength" that I don't recall swimming having, but.... 


Well, swimming just - feels- better.  :lol:

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I thought I already replied to this.


THANKS everyone (belated, I am sorry).  I worked on Marshmallow Arrow some more today and I definitely included this power.  I opted to go with the Swimming suggestions, since it is more intuitive than the Flight idea Steve and I had.  


Another thing I worked out with him was a variation on the firefighter's safety net, to protect my character and others from falling damage.  I am pretty sure I have seen superhero archers do this before - shooting an arrow that bursts out an expanding foam or something of that nature to break a fall.  Because of my particular character's theme, this one looks like a giant marshmallow, but it is the same idea.  


I bought the Cushion Arrow like so...


75% physical Damage Reduction.  Ranged, Usable by Nearby, AoE (3m radius) for 110 active points

Physical Manifestation, Only vs knockback or falling damage, Only usable by people landing on targeted area.



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