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5ED Fillable Character Sheets - No Calc

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I'm looking for two good 5th Edition Champions character sheets that are fillable ones with no calculations or other "aids".


The first is just a standard sheet for a Champions character that is fillable

The second is a stripped sheet that has zero, none, no points or multiples on the sheet.  Just the end values needed for actual play.  A very no frills sheet.


Anyone know of any?


All of the forum threads I could located were archived and the attachment links were broken.


Thanks in advance


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5 minutes ago, Duke Bushido said:

You might try the wayback machine to search the old board.  There was a lot of stuff like that out there once.


Though it sounds-- if I understand your "does not do math for you" requirement, like you're wanting pretty much a simple spreadsheet.





Thanks, I'll give that a try. 


And yes, I use standard full sheets (and Hero Designer) to build the characters.  But for a simple sheet I just transfer the the numbers, it is faster and easier when the sheet isn't trying to "help".


I am finalizing my Champs intro to run at my FLGS and was looking for a quick sheet for the pregens that will not give novice players a stroke.

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