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Chivalry & Sorcery 5th edition live on Kickstarter


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The kickstarter for a new edition of the legendary Chivalry & Sorcery is now live.




This edition builds and refines the rules presented on the 4th edition, published 19 years ago. Sections on medieval society are greatly expanded, taking advantage of two more decades of historical research.


Judaism and Islam join Christianity in the core rules for the first time, with sections written by members of those faiths who have studied medieval beliefs and practices. Guidelines for creating fantasy religions and pantheons are included.


Alongside fantastical magick, an optional system presents magick from the medieval worldview.


Disclosure: I am involved in designing this edition.

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Thank you, Doc.


A little update on the Kickstarter campaign. We funded fully in less than 16 hours. The first stretch goal is unlocked, and we're eyeing the second. There's 27 days to go, and I'm hoping we unlock the final stretch goal in that time - that brings a war game back to C&S for the first time since the 2nd edition of 1983.


Three war games in fact, since Ars Bellica includes an abstract pen-and-paper war game for quick battle resolution, a miniature skirmish game and an army-sized miniature war game.


By the way - even if C&S isn't your thing, check out the campaign video. Just the thing for a bit of Fantasy Hero inspiration.



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Now that is a blast from the past.  I'll need to keep an eye on it, and I might just do it.


Of course I didn't have a great experience with it back in the 70's. 


Of course in hindsight I realize it was the dweebs running it. They were treating it as a theatrical production rather than an RPG and not just expected, but demanded everyone "thee and thou" all the time.  I had a horrible time.


But the adult me is very interested, especially in a modern treatment. 

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I must admit to a personal dislike of theeing and thouing as a faux medieval thing. Mostly because I come from a part of England that still uses thee and thou - and it is the familiar form of the second person singular. You use it with friends and family. As we say, tha thees them as thees thee (you use 'thee' with people who use 'thee' with you, in standard English).


But because it's in the KJV, people think it's polite and quaint.


There has been a lot of streamlining of rules over the years; our mantra with this edition is "rules elegance" - no unnecessary complexity - while increasing the medieval flavour.

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