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Death traps,monsters and killer robots OH MY

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A quick trip to google will get you some nice starts. 


Broad ideas:

Traps that force team mates apart. (teleportation, multiple paths required to open, illusory traps)

Traps that deceive. (replace team mate with illusion, add multiples of each player, mimics, etc)

Predicament / Kobayashi Maru type traps (all actions result in negative outcome, must choose which negative outcome occurs)


- E

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I'm planning on running the Island of Dr. Destroyer 2.0 in a few months. I suggest, of course, new villains instead those villains of Isle Dr D original.


Was never fond of the Destroids from Book of the Machine. Do a search for robots and grab a cool pic or three. The robot(s) may have any of the following weapons:

- Hyper-velocity bullets (taken from Gadgets): 1d6 RKA +6 Stun Mult

- Concussion blast: 10d6 Blast, Double KB

- Slowness Gas: simply 5d6 Dex Drain, 1 hex (not vs LS: Gas)

- Mind numbing ray: 5d6 Speed Drain vs Mental Defense, not Power Defense

- (for those who can fly) Cables to grab & crush: Stretching 6", 0 End

- Radiation Beam: 8d6 APx2 Blast


Death Traps

- Laser Bars: A circle of lasers surround a hero and slowly start closing on its victim. If the hero quickly makes a Dex roll on 1st phase at a minus, they can safely get thru the bars. If they delay, can't make the Dex roll. To get out, Missile Deflection/Reflection can work, or a reflective surface, such as your shiny power armor gauntlet. The point of this death trap as GM is to make them think how to get out, not to actually hurt them.

- A pool of chemical: the metal floor being walked on swiftly slides in to try to have the hero fall into the chemical pool. A Dex roll allows them to grab onto the side of the trap side but the hero's grip is slowly slipping (will fall in 3 action phases). Acrobatics/Dex roll at minus/flight all ways to get out. Even after the easy escape, the smell of the chemical pool being breathed caused a 2d6 End Drain, recover 5 pts/hour. If they actually fall in for some reason, it's a 5d6 End Drain, recover 5 pts/hour. A flaw in the trap construction is a ladder on the side for maintenance purposes, which might help if they can get to it before slipping...

- Chompers (see Galaxy Quest movie): stepping on a prior metal plate activates the Chompers, which cause metal plates to slam together from top & bottom to try to catch the poor hero. The next plates are from both sides. These alternate for about 5 hexes. Make your Dex rolls for each hex or OUCH! Attacking them will require OCV vs DCV 8 as they are fast. If heroes really want to spend time destroying each one, Def 8, Body 10.  Safer but delays the heroes.


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- Super-reaction Robot: Something that makes my players fear (but in fun) what they're about to fight is when I said: "1's... it attacks."  A durable robot with a 50 Str with a 12 Speed can be a terror to a group. ex. 50 Str, 10 Dex, 10 Body, 10 PD, 10 ED, OCV 8, DCV 3... etc
- Invisible Robot: invisibility can be a royal pain for not just the heroes but the players. If done correctly though, a single invisible foe that attacks, then changes positions silently can be a worthy opponent that doesn't antagonize the players.

- Chameleon Robot: a hero is jumped by surprise by a robot that can mimic the heroes appearance. The others cannot discern who's who. The longer it takes to figure out which is the fake, the longer they're delayed.


More traps:

- (borrowing from eepjr24) shifting walls:  if heroes are far enough apart, a side wall suddenly shoots across the path, walling each other apart, possibly so the Chameleon Robot can jump in. If a hero is trapped by himself by 2 walls and becomes alone, a knockout gas trap activates and the hero has to escape or fall unconscious.

- the room of reflection: all the walls are super-reflective at multiple, various angles making it difficult for heroes to discern which way is out, or even which way is forward. A robot which which is programmed which the rooms' structure can attack the heroes with no problem, but the heroes OCV is drastically lowered.

- ejection floor: to prevent the heroes from proceeding further, the ceiling quickly slides open and the entire floor of heroes are ejected outside and hopefully into something outside such as a tree. If nothing else, the landing can be rough. Lastly, they'll have to get back inside.

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I'm a big fan of invisible barriers that are only knee high. They make combat movement treacherous while protecting any bad guys who are knocked prone.


You can do the same thing with barriers hanging down at random lengths from the ceiling to inhibit flying.


If the defenders are robots, they'll have no problem remembering exactly where all barriers are.

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Quicksand, Vines That Entangle and Squeeze The Heroes, Giant Spider Webs to get Caught in with a Giant Spider moving Menacingly at the trapped Heroes, Plants that shoot poison spores at the heroes, and the occasionally Dinosaur.

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On 7/30/2019 at 9:25 AM, Dkap said:

Trying to reinvent the Island of Dr Destroyer and looking for new ideas on traps and all around nasty things to throw at my players.Any ideas?


An idea that I posted a couple of years ago was a variation on the gas-filled deathtrap in which the PCs knocked themselves out.  Probably a little subtle for Doctor Destroyer's tastes, but does demonstrate that His wisdom sees far indeed.


The basic idea requires no one in the party to have self-contained breathing, Smell/Taste sense group with Discriminatory and Analyze, or some form of Detect Molecular Composition.  The PCs get trapped in a reinforced room that starts obviously filling with gas.  Being heroes, they all start holding their breath thinking it's some sort of knockout or poison gas while they try to punch or blast (or lockpick) their way out.  If the DEF of the room is designed correctly, all the PCs will pass out before they can escape.  The gimmick?  The gas is totally non-lethal or damaging in any way.

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