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Scott Ruggels

Blast From The Past Pt. 3 Rogues Gallery #39 Article on Gun Shows

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 The following images are scans from a Rogues Gallery Article I wrote, in 1994, for the spring issue  (#39). At that time I was emplyed at The 3do Company, and spending a sizeable percentage of my rather opulent Salary at Gun shows. I was, and still am a certifiable gun nut, and at the time was a very active WW2 re-enactor.  The article is a amalgam, and a caricature of Gun shows in California at the time, in the days of the hideous Assault weapons Ban, which spiked the prices on WW2 Firearms at the time. Ian of Forgotten weapons, though has since pushed prices into the stratosphere. But this is a glimpse into the Gun Culture in California, before it's Democratic Supermajority,  when there were comparatively few restrictions on firearms.  These shows may still resemble this in other states, but now adays they are just a fond memory in California.  I present this to you as a useful side trip in a heroic level Modern campaign, and I hope this provides some use to GMs out there:|
































Now the dating shows.  There is really no surplus market any more since the start of the GWOT< the U.S. has gidfted it's Surplus  to it's Middle Eastern Allies, and surplus from before the first Gulf War has become collectible on Ebay, and is therefore cleaned out of Surplus stores, which these days, sell mostly camping and outdoor gear, and Chinese knockoffs of Vintage Surplus, and a few obscure European surplus items.  Heinrich Kriegleither was based on an actual seller at these shows that specialized in Third Reich items. He w3as just hitting 70 in 1995, so if he's still alive, he would be near 100, now, and such items he sould for around $200 back then are now valued in the thousands. Thanks eBay. Ian McCallum of "Forgotten Weapons", has also pushed the prices for firearms up, especially the obscure military  long arms and pistols. If you use these tables, please adjust your prices accordingly.  Hope this helps.





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1 hour ago, C-Note said:

Excellent read!  Can you PDF it?


Gun shows here in Florida are still like that.

pDF it...? Not sure I know how.


I do miss gun shows though. Not that I can afford anything these days but it was nice to go window shopping there.

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