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So my old laptop was having windows issues. So I reloaded it, got it all up to date and everything.  Installed Java (v8) fresh from Java.com. Copied my HD files over and it runs fine and everything. I went to make a change to a character and when the dialog box for the power should pop up, nothing happens. When I try and click it dings, because I'm not in the active window. The dialog box is clearly popping up someplace I can't see it. I looked through alt-tab and I can't see anything. I reinstalled java just to be safe. I don't need HD for my game today, but I need to print out character sheets for the rest of the weekend.


The dialog box for Open Character, Export Format, etc open fine. It is just the internal power dialog box that seems to be the problem. Any ideas? Here is trace log.


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It's something I've seen in recent versions of Java -- getting confused with multiple modal dialogs (one modal dialog opening another). Try a triple-click when opening the secondary dialog -- that seems to pull it to the foreground.

If that doesn't work, delete your appPrefs.xml file before starting HD -- it's possible that the dialog is being positioned off-screen if you copied that file over from a different system.

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