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HFFL '19: Revenge of the Browns

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On 12/18/2019 at 9:05 AM, Enforcer84 said:

Nah, I drafted me two guys on IR and one who never played.

Good win though, Old man. I could never find a running back to give me a chance.


Had to go back and look at the matchup.  You played it right, but MGIII and RJII let you down.  I got kicked out of two leagues last week by letdown performances like that (plus Njoku's coach benching him at the last second). 

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On 12/17/2019 at 6:52 AM, Mastermind said:

Me and Ancients in the Finals! Good game Hooters...I only won by a hair and thought I'd lose when Colts scored there at the end


Hey man, good luck tomorrow.  May the best armchair quarterback win!

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Thanks!  I thought for sure I'd lose when I saw Slayton put up a goose egg.  And you played the week correctly--didn't leave any points on the bench.  Ironically, I'd put in a waiver claim for Yung-Ho Koo last week, but you beat me to him.


It figures that I'd win the season I had to autodraft.  There may be something to the Starlord Method® after all.  Looking back, Friend Computer drafted me four RBs to start out with, and didn't draft a QB until round 13.  Of course, that RB was Lamar Jackson.  It's better to be lucky than good...

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