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Unpopular Opinion Challenge

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Ok. Here's one... Speed Racer  (2008, 40% on RT) I think folks saw the name Wachowski  attached to it and figured it would be some uber serious Matrix movie but with the IP layered on thin l

Green Lantern

I finally got one to start this off: Equilibrium, 2002, 40% Tomatometer 

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19 hours ago, death tribble said:

If you can post some movies that had below 50% and were released after 2000, then I can see if I can see if anything applies.


I recall the Speed Racer cartoon which I disliked and the film which I really could not care less about.


2 hours ago, death tribble said:








It's about the _unpopular_ opinion, Amigo.


Let's try it again in Englandish:


Ye Olde Unpoupular Oupinioune.


There.  Sorry it was originally suggested in American.  :(



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Justice League was my immediate thought, but since someone else has mentioned it I thought I'd dig a little deeper.


Hot Pursuit. 7% RT score. I genuinely liked the antics of Reese Witherspoon's and Sofia Vergara's characters. I particularly enjoyed the running joke of news reports about them in which Vergara's character kept getting older and Witherspoon's kept getting shorter. Plus, Rob Kazinsky got naked.


On 8/3/2019 at 10:48 AM, hooligan x said:

Eurotrip (47%)- Great soundtrack, vulgar humor that always cracks me up, and Vinnie Jones' best role.

Vinnie Jones' best role is in Galavant. He sings!

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I feel compelled to cheat since my entry missed the mark by only 4 months and 4 days (Aug 27th, 1999) - 13th Warrior.


It clocks in at 33% by way of critic reviews and I loved that movie.


With exceptions for Avengers, LOTR series and Commando I don't think I've watched any movie as many times.

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Rated 56% but close enough that I'm gonna mention it anyway


The Greatest Showman is a funtastic feel good movie with a strong message on being who you are, celebrating your differences, and the importance of families be they blood or found.

and apparently Hollywood critics hate that ;)



To be fair, this is probably not Unpopular unless you are a critic. Most folks I knew who went either liked or LOVED the darn thing.

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6 hours ago, Logan.1179 said:

A co-worker suggested John Carter, but it turns out it has 52%.


And an audience score of 60%, which is considered fresh.  Lots of people like John Carter.  It just had a bad ad campaign and they spent way too much money making it.  It is like sometimes Disney sets out to make a movie which can't help but lose money.

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I hope you sick bastiches are happy.  You've made me go to Rotten Tomatoes.  :(


I'll probably forgive you, if I live long enough, but _still_....


Anyway, I just checked:


Guardians.  (The Russian one).  _Loved_ it!  Tomato-thingied at 30 % and released two years ago.


There. Now I'm playing by the rules, too.

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