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The August 2019 "You're not Doing Star Wars Right" superdraft

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On 8/19/2019 at 9:17 PM, Bazza said:


Providence ensured that there would not just be one group trying to destroy the Death Star. Why put all your eggs in one basket, right? So there are 4 other groups accomplishing the same thing, all eventually meet on Battleworld - the Rebel's Base. 


Introducing the Extended Universe (spoiler for length). Also, all these are unofficial picks and I've done my best to make sure that they have not been officially drafted.  "+" Indicates Force-user.


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Planet Krypton
Farmer Peter Rasputin aka Colossus+ 
Old Coot Alfred Pennyworth+
Scumball-ish Criminal Peter “Starlord” Quill & GotG (minus Rocket)
The Royal Shuri (Wakandan) 
The Token Alien Sidekick Lockheed (Dragon)
Ship Milano (GotG ship)
Little Bad Atrocitus the Red Lantern (not a Sith)
Stormtroopers Tri-Klops & Trap Jaw

Planet Oa
Farmer Farmer Giles of Ham+ 
Old Coot Juan Sánchez Villa-Lobos Ramírez (Sean Connery’s character in Highlander)+
Scumball-ish Criminal Corsair (X-Men)
The Royal(s) Merida of DunBroch, other Disney Princesses 
The Token Alien Sidekick Godzilla
Ship Space Battleship Yamato 
Little Bad Ming the Merciless+
Stormtroopers Pussy Galore & Xenia Onatopp

 Planet Etheria
Farmer Dorothy Gale+
Old Coot Gandalf+ 
Scumball-ish Criminal Vala Mal Doran
The Royal Adora (She-Ra) other Etherian Princesses of the Rebellion
The Token Alien Sidekick Swift Wind  
Ship Serenity
Little Bad Mumm-Ra+
Stormtroopers Beebop & Rocksteady

Planet Qo'noS/Kronos (Klingon homeworld)
Farmer Belgarion (Belgariad)+
Old Coot Vandal Savage+
Scumball-ish Criminals Tom Paris (Voyager) & Carmen Sandiego 
The Royal Sir Percy Blakeney The Scarlet Pimpernel (well Baronet)
The Token Alien Sidekicks HERBIE (Fantastic Four) & 7-Zark-7
Ship a badly damaged Voyager (Trek)
Little Bad Seven of Nine (The Borg Queen)+ 
Stormtroopers First & Fifth (Replicators, Stargate)


Honestly, when you said Extended Universe I thought you meant the novels.



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On 8/22/2019 at 4:32 AM, Hermit said:


Honestly, when you said Extended Universe I thought you meant the novels.




The Extended Universe is primarily novels, but the TV division wants to explore options turning them into series for streaming...


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On 8/2/2019 at 4:40 PM, Hermit said:

They'll look better in the gold bikini later on than Henry the 8th as played by Orsen Wells.

Now that is an image that will not leave my mind now.

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