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Hero-Champions-RPG Discord Server

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I have stood up a new Discord Server called Hero-Champions-RPG.


You can join with this (permanent) link -->  Hero-Champions-RPG



  • A discord server focused on the HERO RPG and genre books; past, present and future.
  • A place where folks can schedule and run online discord games.
  • A place where HERO can announce new releases.
  • A place where 3rd Party Publishers can announce new releases.
  • A place where people can share or announce Kickstarter projects relevant to HERO gamers.
  • A discord server that comes up in searches, focused on this awesome RPG!


Let me know if you want to be a Mod! I'm happy to add any HERO games peeps as Admins as well (obviously).

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17 minutes ago, Gnome BODY (important!) said:

Why do you hate these forums?  Why are you trying to divert activity away from them? 


Discord is super popular!


When I went to look for a Discord server for HERO I found a small server focused on a superhero setting that discussed a bunch of RPGs. Not exactly HERO-related. Having a Twitter account doesn't mean I hate Facebook. I use a bunch of different social media platforms. I feel like the goal here is to meet people where they are at. It doesn't hurt to have a presence on every platform. Did you know there is a /r/Champions and /r/herosystem Reddit forums? A Facebook fangroup? :D


To wit: when I upload something to the downloads here, I link to it in other places - to encourage people to come look here! The goal is to generate buzz, find people where they are at and then share stuff with those interested. One of the big issues with non-current-D&D RPGs is keeping the presence up to those looking for something else. I believe having a Discord server could help on that front. Think of it as screaming into the room from under the 800lb gorilla...

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I support the idea of a Discord for Hero System/Champions players to chat in real-time. These forums are invaluable for long-form discussions where you want the content to be searchable and to endure for years. A Discord is good for casual conversation where anything said doesn't need to last any longer than the few minutes it will remain on screen before getting scrolled off by newer comments.

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7 minutes ago, Duke Bushido said:

Yeah, I'm a bit paranoid.


Can someone from this board tell me precisely what Discord is?  (I have sort of a history with you guys; I trust you more than those _other_ random strangers on the internet....  :lol:  )


It's a chat system.  It's like IRC, or America Online or its predecessors, Compuserv, etc.  

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10 minutes ago, Duke Bushido said:

That's it?  Chat?


Geez...  All the stuff I found trying to look it up made it sound like some amazing new thing.  😕



Amino you have chatrooms, make post and internal Wiki enteries.

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