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Martial Maneuver: Flying Dodge



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Flying Dodge is discussed generally on HSMA 245-46. As noted there, a character gets one Full Move’s worth of movement when he uses Flying Dodge. If he’s already made a Half Move, then he only has a Half Move left to use with the Maneuver. See the HSMA discussion for other factors and information.


Regardless of how much movement a character uses with his Flying Dodge, he only gets to move once. He doesn’t keep getting to make a Full Move every time someone attacks him after the first attack that caused him to use Flying Dodge. He maintains the DCV bonus from the Maneuver until he gets to act again (just like with any Dodge-based Maneuver), but he doesn’t get to keep moving around.


If a character uses Flying Dodge and gets hit anyway, he still gets to use the movement he declared as part of the Maneuver. Getting hit doesn’t stop him from moving or cause him to lose any meters of movement.

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