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I have been out of TTRPG's since around 1998 except for a single Call of Cthulhu campaign I ran for a few roommates that had never played an RPG before in 2001 or so. And I can happily say I am so glad I came back to one of my old stand by's since there was a lot of haze from the explosion of systems and books in the 90's which incidentally was one of the reasons I stopped playing.  I felt like things were getting too "gimmicky" or in other cases too serious about an activity that was ostensibly about "having fun". I felt that games were trying to sell us on their "Twist" or Color instead of focusing on giving us the tools to explore "The Beyond" that is what I think attracts the majority of us, regardless of personal agenda, to RPG's in the first place. I felt that a lot of shitty products were eating up my money and then ending up in an enormous, " X system to Y system Conversion Notes" or "Setting Materials" piles which also incidentally was (is?) generally not conducive to getting laid of which was also a hobby of mine at that age.


So things conspired as they do and I began travelling for work for extended periods and lost contact with my fellow players. I used video games in an attempt to fill the RPG hole but honestly is simply isn't the same. I enjoyed getting together, sharing snacks, arguing, laughing, arguing about something in no way, shape or form related to the game, going through weird pre-roll rituals, completely getting the GM's well planned questline derailed, etc. Basically, I pretty much enjoyed the entire enterprise.  So I always missed playing  and having recently bought the Champions Complete PDF and the Unchained adventure module I can say I am truly impressed with the way HERO has stuck it out. I think there is still some work to be done on the "ease of access" for new players that might be interested in a TTRPG,  but I feel like the system is General enough to be what a "Universal" system can be. Kudos for the direction the system is taking and thank you for making coming back enjoyable. You guys make good games.🥇👍

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Welcome back to the fold, GTO! Yes, the Hero System continues to march on. We aren't a big player base, but we're pretty passionate, relatively creative, and quite welcoming to newcomers to our online community. :)


Regarding the "ease of access for new players" issue, various parties have created a variety of helpful free game aids to ease them in, which you can download from this website. For example:














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