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Champions Character Art Requisition?

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You know, what this site really needs is a sticky with this kind of information. Almost everyone who is thinking of writing some HERO material for publication is going to need someone else to do the artwork. I know Storn has done a great deal of artwork but I'm not sure whether he takes commissions or not. Ditto for Matt the Bruin.


In fact, it'd be great to see a beginning-to-end stickied explanation of the steps you need to follow in order to get your idea out of your head and into the store. It's damned awkward to contact one of the authors who hang around the forums and pester him with endless questions on procedural matters on things which ought to be available on this website.


1) Who do you talk to at HERO to pitch an idea to and what is the best way to contact him?


2) What information does that person need to be included in the pitch so he can decide to okay it or not? Just the raw idea? An extended detailed summary? An example of your writing? Previous examples of things you've had published, if any? All of that? Something more?


3) Do you need to pitch anything at all or does HERO prefer that you just write up the whole thing then submit it for approval? (That's not an uncommon way for things to work when writing an article for a magazine or website. Probably an odd way for a gaming company to work but whose to say when the information of how it works isn't made available?)


4) What length/number of pages should you shoot for when writing various products (an Enemies book, a sourcebook (Kingdom of Champions), a setting (Strike Force), a module (V.O.I.C.E. Of Doom), a PDF with a write-ups of a few characters or a few pieces of equipment, etc.)?


5) Does HERO provide an editor, help with formatting, or any of the other nuts and bolts of getting a manuscript ready to print? If you are a first time author, are you completely on your own to figure all of that out? Is there someone who might be willing to help out on some of the basics in exchange for being listed in the credits? Is there a service or program which HERO would prefer you to use to get the final product to look like other HERO products?


6) Is there some preferred amount of artwork which needs to be included in various products? Is there a list of preferred artists or can you get your artwork from anyone?


7) Does HERO insist on sole ownership of that artwork or can the artist and/or writer of the product retain the right to sell the artwork elsewhere? Reprints for sale at conventions or through the artist's website would likely be the most common question.



There's probably other questions that need to be part of that FAQ.


I've done a small amount of professional writing for a string of now-defunct websites (I swear that my writing played no role in the demise of those websites) and a significantly larger amount of editing for authors of articles and papers.


But when I've come up with the idea of some HERO product that I know I could write, I just think about the barrier of the deliberate lack of information available on how to get HERO items published then sigh and find something else to do with my time. I've beat my head against the wall often enough when it comes to writing that, at this stage in my life, I have a distinct distaste for starting all over again at a company which apparently doesn't want authors badly enough to give a new author a hint of how and where to start.


I can't help but think that it'd help the HERO product line to get new products hitting the "shelf" on a more regular basis. (At the moment there's a huge barrier to getting started then a distinctly small pot of gold when you reach the end. HERO likely can't do anything about the size of the pot of gold at the end but it can address the size of the barrier at the beginning of the process.)


And I know it'd help the artists among us to have more new products being published. :)


Maybe we need to start a discussion on one of the forums to ask the authors and artists among us about their own experiences in getting HERO things published then build a FAQ from that?

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It would help if you could talk to someone who had actually asked for commissions from someone on the board.

That would be me.


I requested and received over 150 commissions from Storn Cook and these were displayed in a thread he has here. I believe the current cost for a single human figure is $60 but ask first. He is now in full time employment so there may be a delay.

I varied in depths of description with what I wanted and received.

I also asked permission from Steve Long for one commission after a casual throwaway remark from Hermit.

I don't have any at the moment as I don't have the cash.


You could also go onto the Deviantart website as there are several artists there who can and will work up ideas. I can recommend Rhardo, John Becaro and Phil Cho as I have work from all of them. 

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Pleased be advised that there may be mature subject matter if you follow the links to the artists.

Here are some example pics and links to the artists.

Arklight Pinup by Dangerguy01



Psi-kick by Dangerguy01



Arklight by Javier Cruz Art



Teen G-Girl with her Panda AI Penelope by PGandara



Collection of some of my Original Characters by PGandara



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