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Hi all, i think this could be the right place where to ask. I'd like to start a new campaign set in the Extinction event (new released setting for 6th) world, and i was searching for examples of near future vehicles, drones and technology. I know i can build them all but i'd like to see examples. Seems that I'm not able to find nothing in vehicles books, champions or start hero source books, do you have suggestions on where to look? 

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   IMHO, you may want to start by checking out some different styles of source material to figure out what you want to do.

   For the main characters at the same tech level as the environment try;  the Mad Max movies, The Postman (both movie & book), The Road (same)  the recent NBC-TV show Revolution (bad science, worse tactics, but an interesting idea) or what the hell, Thunder the Barbarian for TV and Kamandi for comic books.  You can’t go too far wrong with Alex Toth or Jack Kirby.

   For the main characters possessing present day or better tech you might try;  Damnation Alley (Movie & Book) any of the Gene Roddenberry TV pilots Planet Earth or Genesis II,  the ‘70’s kids show Ark II or some aspects of Planet of the Apes, (Don’t forget the ‘70’s TV show).

   For write ups of a lot of useful tech try Surbrook’s Stuff.  There’s a bunch of different vehicles and weapons both fictional and real to get ideas from.

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And for ideas on near future tech, hit up cyberpunk source books.  You'll have to build your own HERO stats, but you'll have an idea of what might be in the near future. 


I like talisorian's "Cyberpunk: seven years ago". Stuff, personally (now rebranded as "Cyberpunk: a couple of months from now") and _early_ Shadowrun stuff. 


You'll have to downgrade it to the appropriate level of "after the collapse" for your campaign, as well, but for near future inspiration, those sources work well for me. 

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2 hours ago, Khas said:

Thanks all for the replies and ideas, i'll look into the sources you suggested. Set a proper degree of technological evolution coherent with the described world is not an easy task 😊


That's likely why post-apocalyptic fiction is more prevalent than near future science fiction. An apocalypse tends to stop technological advancement and keeps the author from looking stupid when real life catches up to the near future and the author's guesses about technology are shown to be wildly wrong.

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On 9/7/2019 at 2:13 AM, Zeropoint said:

That reminds me, I should try to run/play a game of Cyberpunk 2020 next year.

 I think CyberPunk really allows HERO to shine and vice versa. The genre has such a wide range of technologies including The Net, Bionic Implants, Pharmaceuticals, Biological Enhancements, etc. and a myriad ways to express them. Good combo. 

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