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HTHK attacks, Armor Piercing, and STR?


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With a bit of experimentation in HD, I found out that if Armor Piercing is added to a HTH Killing Attack, the STR add to damage is reduced. A character with 15 STR only adds 1/2d6 to the damage instead of 1d6.


Would someone please point out to me where in the rules this interaction is coded, please?

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Okay, found it.


But here's what I don't get now:

3d6 HKA = 45 points. The one advantage is one level of Armor Piercing (+1/4); the other modifiers are Focus (OAF of convenience, -1/2) and "Real Weapon" (-1/4).


On the table on p. 101, a DC3 (STR 15) add to a killing attack with a +1/4 mod would add 1d6-1 to damage, not 1/2d6.

Am I doing the math here wrong?

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@Territan Both 1d6-1 and 1/2d6 are 2 Damage Classes (DC). 


Traditionally Hero used half dies. Somewhere around I think 5th edition the option to instead use 1d6-1 was introduced for people who struggle with or just don't like half dies. But, I believe, 1/2d6 is still the default assumption. At the table when you play, you could chose to treat a 1/2d6 as 1d6-1 however. The trade off of course is that while 1d6-1 has better peak (5) and average (2.5) there is also the chance that it will do 0 damage which some people have a psychological issue with. Mathematically, the 1d6-1 option is more effective overall.




If it bothers you enough, you can double click the Power text in the listing and type over 3 1/2 d6 with 4d6-1




One thing I will point out is, you are applying "Real Weapon" to this but very few real weapons do 3d6 damage. Also, if it is a muscle powered HKA you generally should be applying a Strength Minimum...which will also affect the amount of bonus damage you get from STR.

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