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Build Question - Compound/Conditional Power

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So...I'm still trying to convert all of the Gamma World 4e creatures into Hero.  I'm currently stuck on a power that seems like a compound power...but has a weird conditional requirement:


"The porcupine plant attacks by firing 1 quill per available segment.  Each quill causes 2d6 RKA and is coated with a destructive poison.  A hit of 4 or above on the required to hit roll harpoons the target, lodging a barbed quill in the victim.  The horl choo then retrieves its prey with a tough, thin vine which is attached to the base of the quill, dragging the character to itself with an effective strength of 15.  Strong characters can resist the horl choo's pull and characters not entangled can try to sever the vine."


I can make the compound power of the barb + the vine...but how do I add the condition of needing 4 or above on the required to hit roll?


Thanks for any assistance anyone can provide!

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I'm not at home to be able to check my books, but I seem to remember some venoms in the Bestiary being written up as linked powers (Drains, I think, linked to HKAs) with "Only if HKA does body damage (-1/2)".  It seems like that approach would also work here.  The value of the limitation could change depending on how common resistant defenses are in the campaign, of course.

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