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Pathfinder to HERO

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Allright. So I chose a pretty big project for myself: to convert Pathfinder/D&D 3.5 material for campaign use in with miniatures. I've got pawns in PDF -form, so the PF bestiary is pretty much covered, going to get more of course when the time comes, but monsters are covered pretty much.


I've been studying Killershrikes D&D conversion site for the past couple of days, stuff seems tightly put together and takes every facet of characters into account. I won't be converting any existing characters, so there is a lot more wiggle room for when choosing what the PCs can do in this campaign.


I have a couple of issues though:

1. I'd be playing with tabletop newbies, who have no knowledge of Hero or similar games at all

2. I will probably use my own version of Hero combat system, to make it more random and a bit gamier, to create the feel of board games that are easier to pick up and play for newbies

3. Choosing miniatures for hero -types. Should I go class -specific or just pick the coolest looking minis there are? The selection of fantasy miniatures is vast and the only thing that has to match the pawns is that the scale has to be 28mm. The current heroes of literature and movies always look more and more similar (take Geralt of Rivia/Game of Thrones/Lord of the Rings) despite their abilites, so you could make any type of character on top of a mini at this point, which is great (!) but takes a bit away from the classical D&D feel.

4. Choice of campaign world. Golarion vs. Forgotten Realms vs. YOUR FAVORITE. I'd like some feedback on this too, whether it's a setting book or just general pointers when running stuff like this.


It's a relief that the pawn boxes contain most of the bestiary monsters, and that there were availabe documents for conversions to Hero. I find the freeform nature of Hero character creation to work with my gaming sensibilites best, and counting dozens of modifiers seems a bit offputting when considering running Pathfinder combat in its raw form, while trying to keep the game flowing. There's my own conversion of Hero combat which (supposedly) runs a lot faster than the standard counting of hit points, but there's the danger of total party kill when facing tougher monsters later on in the campaign. But I suppose it's a feature, not a flaw.



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Good luck! I've been thinking about Pathfinder/HERO conversions a lot lately, since I'm stuck in Pathfinder Hell at the moment. (I haven't complained about Pathfinder on these forums this week, so thanks for the excuse!)


As to your actual concerns.


1) I don't see this as a problem. I've found HERO much easier to teach than DnD or its equivalents. The only problem I've ever had where a player had trouble with grasping the nuances of the system was with one specific player who couldn't wrap their head around decreasing OCV to do a higher damage attack. The player wanted to use the low attack/high damage attack the whole time, despite the fact that it had a much lower chance of hitting. It was -2 OCV, a significant reduction against similar powered opponents. A fact I explained repeatedly but that they couldn't come to terms with. They fixated on "High Damage Good." They grew frustrated with the game and dropped out. But that is literally the only player  I've ever had who struggled with the system. It was the bell curve for probability that threw them.


2) Without knowing more about your own particular version of the combat system I can't comment.


3) I love minis. I have many, many minis. Mostly unpainted. And Reaper has just started another Kickstarter (Bones V) to sell me more at a bargain price. Yay! Sorry. What was the question again? Oh right, generic or specific. Look, character specific minis can be hard to come by. Unless you use HERO Forge or similar to custom make your own. That gets expensive fast. Near enough is good enough. If players get into it enough they can buy their own custom made ones or go to the effort of hunting down close matches.


4) Well, I really dislike Forgotten Realms. For the usual reasons: Too many super high level NPCs floating about. So detailed there's no room for your own stuff to fit in. World changing events based on meta game rules changes. It's all a bit twee. The maps are good though.


I don't love Golarion. It's too kitchen sink for my liking. I don't want Sci-fi AND Low Fantasy AND High Fantasy AND Epic Fantasy AND Russian Folklore AND Dinosaur Riders of the Lost World AND Gothic Horror... You see where I'm coming from. It's very difficult to mix some of these elements together. Mostly it's the sci-fi vs. Fantasy thing. I also see major problems mixing High Fantasy and Low Fantasy. But I'm in danger of digressing into a whole philosophy of world building thing. (Maybe I'll start another thread for that.)


Of the 2 choices - Golarion. HERO will at least help make equivalencies between the various stylistic threads of the world a little less jarring. And many of the individual bits are actually quite cool. They only get weird (for me!) when juxtaposed against all the other bits.


Best of luck, let us know how it's going. 🙂

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Yeah. It's going, but not the way I thought it would.

I bought the Pathfinder Beginner Box, to dodge extra work and to just get playing. I've been tinkering with rules for too long, I gotta play something once in a while. I got two newbies on board, and I'll probably enjoy reading the books and running the game.

Conversion work is time-consuming, and with my current energy levels, too demanding. I need a break from my usual routine.

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Yeah I think te bestiaries would help, BUT I'll run Pathfinder as is for now (Beginner Box), so I can judge whether I want to convert stuff or not.


The big idea was to use materials from AD&D (Night Below campaign) D&D 3.5 and Pathfinder to expand the "class options" for players, but with newbies I think the point is moot. They don't care about class options or character building, they want to push miniatures around and participate in group activity.


Once I gain the motivation for big projects by starting small, I can look at the huge project again with new energy.

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