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Looking for Appropriate Adventure Module


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Looking for an appropriate adventure module to run and I will be as clear as possible on what I seek as I am NOT familiar w/ any adventure modules except Sand of Time.

1) What I Need: Adventure module that can be adjusted easily into the Extinction Event setting. I need the module to be as detailed as possible and should include maps.
2) What we Have: A three member superhero team based on Millennium City

I have yet to read the Extinction Event Book (just bought it), but it sounds like my favorite type of game setting (post-apocalyptic mess). The reason I post here instead of the star hero section is because our campaign is champions based as well as our characters and I highly doubt the group will want to stick around this alternate earth once the adventure is over.

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Gotta be honest:


In the post-apoc fiction (which I was _addicted_ to in the mid-eighties, till cyberpunk started edging it off the shelf) genre, supers are pretty rare.


In the supers genre, post-apoc is pretty rare.  


There's just not a lot of overlap.  Even the comic companies that published supers?  When they went post-apoc, they created or re-invented Heroic level characters.  Just as an example, one of the very few comics I _did_ read was Jonah Hexx (a western, if you're not familiar with it).  When the publisher wanted a post-apoc title, they had some time travelers snatch him out of the west, drop him into the future, and pretty well killed any chance of selling anything.  :/  I mean, I _like_ westerns.  I _like_ post-apoc.  But that SUCKED!   :rofl:


Then there was something I read a few of that a friend had:  I can't recall it exactly.....   Magnus: Robot Fighter, I think it was.  Post apocalyptic, extremely heavy on the "post."


I am not telling you that it isn't out there; I am hoping to brace you for the idea that if it _is_ out there, it's liable to be rather difficult to find.


However--- and this isn't said lightly-- here's a thought.  Just a thought, mind you!  Not saying it will give you the answers you want; let's be clear about that up front.


The most active members of this board seem to be GMs, writers, and mathematicians of one stripe or another.  From time to time, there are "setting from scratch" threads, or "world from scratch" threads.  Assuming (and no; I don't mean to be presumptuous; I'm trying to help you) that you don't have a world built yet, you might consider roughing out your guidelines AP caps; tech caps; time since the apoc and the nature of the apoc itself, of course, as well as a rough idea of what you do or don't see of society.


I'm willing to bet, as they have time and are able, you can get enough interesting stuff chipped in to build a world.


Same thing _might_ work with a short adventure; I can't say.  But even then, we'd need to know the parameters of the world to prevent inaccurate assumptions about the world itself.


Just a thought, mind you.

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I haven't read or bought Extinction Event myself, but just from its cover description I can't think of much Champions-related that would suit it. The only published adventure that seems to me like it could be adapted to that setting -- "Project: Predator" in Digital Hero #29 -- is more of an outline than a detailed plot (although it has quite a few 5E-statted sample PCs and NPCs), and has no maps at all (exceptional in that regard for DH).

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Having read some of the setting info in my Extinction Event book, you aren't looking at a full blown wastelands and mutants type of post-apocalypse. It's more of a... soft apocalypse. Yeah, it changed a lot of the world order and there was rebuilding, but the world wasn't *completely* devastated.

You could probably find a module that has psionics as a front and center theme and convert it to fit your idea.


*Note, this is in no way me saying I don't like it. What I've finished so far is still really cool. Just not a hardcore apocalypse like seems to be implied by the question.

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