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2 Player/Character Campaign - Suggested Adventure Modules


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Hi There,


I am going to begin to run a 2 character campaign for four-colour supers (HERO System of course).


Just wondered if anyone had any adventure module suggestions that can handle this low number without too many issues?


I am happy to grab anything that anyone suggests - it can be non-HERO as well - would also be great to know any particular modifications that were made to any recommended adventures to make them more "workable".




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What we have been doing in our group since its always just 2 players and 1 GM, the GM made his own character and runs it as the 3rd member of the group as an NPC. What we do is we sometimes also alternate being GM in the same campaign which allows the regular GM to enjoy his character as a player as well.

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Heroes Unlimited Gm's Guide has the lion king and blob adventures. You would probably have to adapt out, but the lion king is about a scientist who is able to control animals hunting down criminals trying to steal his research and killing them with the animals under his control. The blob is an alien invasion story where this giant amoeba gets loose in an apartment building and starts eating the residents



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Its no different than running with more than two heroes, just with less villains.  Generally, I find the reason for the villains going out and doing villainous deeds much easier in this respect, but that's just me.


Tactically, possible combinations:

1 ) One supervillain with a hero's speed+1 and 1/2 damage reduction.

2 ) One supervillain with a hero's speed+1 and a CV/MCV 3 higher than the hero's CV/MCV.

3 ) One supervillain with henchmen.  Henchmen should do low level super damage with a brick speed.  Then use multiple henchmen 3 is a good figure for this scenario.

4 ) One supervillain with a crisis.  Ex: The supervillain has set the bank to explode.  The heroes must task both the stopping of the bombs/rescuing innocents with capturing the villain.

5 ) A large gang fight.  Generally 6-9 gang members.  Make sure that the gang members can either hit on a 11- or can do equal damage to the heroes.

6 ) Two supervillains with 3-4 agents a piece but are fighting each other with normals in the way.  

7 ) One supervillain with 3-4 agents fighting an organization with a tactical squad of 8 agents.  Normals in the way.

8 ) Two organizations with 8 agents a piece fighting each other.  Normals in the way.

9 ) Two supervillains working together.  Usually, they are themed.  Fire and Ice.  Light and Shadow.  Abbott and Costello.  You get the idea.

10) A superhero thinks the players are supervillains.  You can add a supervillain and/or agents as a complication, but the main problem will be the superhero will fight the players.


Gang members/Henchmen/Agents power levels should almost be as much as heroes but their defenses and stun should be lower.  They should be taken out in one average, maybe two weak hits.  Agents who have average hero  OCVs, should do lower hero damage.  Agents who do average hero damage should have lower OCVs.  In a 12DC 8 CV game,  Agents can have 12DC attacks with say a 6 CV or 10DC attacks with an 8 CV.  You can also have the nuking agent.  This agent should be slower but does high end damage with a good CV.  In the 12DC 8 CV game, if the heroes average 5 Spd, the nuking agent should be something like a 3 speed, do 15d6 at 8 CV or a 4 speed but with a next phase extra time limitation on each firing of the nuke.


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Think of a Terminator scenario.


The Hero must protect a DNPC from the Villain who must hunt them down.  The DNPC must be delivered to a certain location but the Hero only has a certain amount of time or the Hero Loses.  The Villain only wins if they kill the DNPC.

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