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GURPS Traveller Deck Plans as Source Material

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I was going through my old collection of GURPS Traveller starship sourcebooks and I noticed they included hex-based deckplans in addition to the square-grid ones.


Given the lack of existing deckplans for Star Hero, these could be a valuable resource and an excellent companion to Traveller HERO.  Here is a sample Free Trader deckplan:



Free Trader.gif

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2 hours ago, A.T.R.A. Mark II said:

Looks good! Does Traveller HERO not have any?


There are a few in "Traveller Hero Book 2: The Imperium, Gadgets, Vehicles, Robots And Starships".

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the new T5 kickstarter had a -package of deckplans incluided that might prove useful


theres also a really sweet  book of deckplan geomorphs that is a **FREE** download, it says unofficial, but Marc Miller has approved it being distributed, it just cant be sold.

I was the one who took it to Marc for verification of permission, and can provide such if ever needed. its not my work, I just happen to talk to Marc a fair bit, usually by accident

http://travellerrpgblog.blogspot.com/2018/10/the-starship-geomorphs-book-if-finally.html. for scale reference 2 hero hexes=1 traveller square





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