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World War 2 Hero: Powers as abilities/equipment

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Something I'm working on, I know the idea behind these but I have trouble making them work in terms of points calculations.


Squad abilities

You can create all sorts of special abilites for squads and characters using the Hero System power creation rules. Here are a few ideas to get you going.

- Super stealth (for commando-types): Use the invisibility power, and link it to a successful stealth roll and make it limited to only one targeting sense, sight in this case.

- Phosphorous grenades: Use change environment power, add area of effect,  add a perception roll modifier for the smoke, and a small drain STUN (2d6) to simulate the effects of demoralizing gas getting into the soldiers lungs, and an activation roll (13- or so) to see if the terrain catches fire.

- Super-marksmen: Give the squad +1 or 2 OCV bonus, limited to Small Arms only.


That's a snippet of stuff I'm trying to create, but I don't know if they would work that way.

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