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Star HERO Edition Comparison?

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Hi all,


1) if anyone's search-fu is awesome, I would like links to any threads here comparing the Star HERO editions.


2) I'm interested in particular if the pages/chapters in each edition for subgenre selection/campaign design have held up well, considering the passage of time in real life makes future predictions obsolete fast (compare 1990s looking at Cyberpunk vs. Transhumanist sci-fi written in the last few years, or Cyberpunk 2020 vs. Sarah Newton's Mindjammer (there's a Traveller version if Fate is troublesome to convert to HERO).)


In short, does the advice of (especially) 3rd edition Star HERO hold up as well as Allston's 3E Strike Force does?


Likewise for 5E Star HERO and any other editions I missed. (6E is the most recent, but being almost 10 years old, how has its explanation of Transhumanist sci-fi survived in 2019?)


Thanks in advance! (No wrong answers!)

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1) I'm not aware of links to forum threads that compare the various Star HERO editions.

2) I can only refer to Star HERO 6E, and cite specific Powers that are appropriate to Transhumanist sci-fi. Note: Transhumanism isn't explicitly discussed in Star HERO 6E, but Cyberpunk is discussed. Here are a few page references from Star HERO 6E that discuss "transhumanist" topics without stating the term:


  • Cyberpunk genre: pp 16 - 18
  • Transform power: pp 82
  • Alien Species chapter, specifically, Creating Alien Species, Super Intellects and uplifted animals: pp 150
  • Computers as Characters: pp 193
  • Biotechnology: pp 197 - 198
  • Nanotechnology: pp 199


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