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L. Douglas Garrett's book series continues...

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Hello again! As you might recall from last year...

... I do a bit of fiction writing. The second book of the series, a full length novel, is on sale now.


Remember Them (Remember The Trade Book 2)


The man who became his cover identity is back in action! He had to become someone new in time to be sent on a mission he was ideal for: taking in a team to ferret out a secret Cuban plot in West Africa. But has the identity of David Cox really been put to rest?

Remember Them brings the details and dirty work of covert missions to the forefront, an espionage thriller where clandestine violence and disposable identities combine. You know all about the Cold War spies in Europe. This was 1984, West Africa, and The Trade. It was a dangerous place, rife with mercenaries, coups, and a dozen little wars. But there was even more happening behind the scenes.

"The Dogs of War summed up 1960's mercenaries in Africa. Now, add in spies and welcome to the 80's."


Please Enjoy!

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Thanks for the post Likes!


In the odd case that you've picked up a copy and had time to read it... I always encourage Reviews. Posting one on Amazon's sales page for the book, and/or on Goodreads, is a big help! Saying something on Social Media is great, but please tag me about so I can share or retweet that.


and... gee... these pages here at HERO Games Community wouldn't be a bad place to comment. :P

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