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How do I add character packs to Hero Designer?

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From the manual:




To load a previously saved Hero Designer
character, select Open Character… from the File
menu or type Ctrl-O. A standard fie selector dialog
appears. Select the fie containing the character you
want to load and click Open Character to load that
fie as well as the associated character template and
campaign rules.


All you have to know is where you stored the character packs on your computer so you can point to them.


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The "character packs" don't just have characters, they have new skills, talents, package deals etc, what I really need to know is how to get them to show up on the lists when I'm creating a new character. I bought the "Pulp Hero" pack and it has some new skills etc. I want to use to create characters on Hero designer for the Pulp game I'm going to run. 

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  1. Extract the zip file to a folder you have access to.
  2. Several sub-folders are created.  "Randall's Raiders" contains Character files (.hdc).  The rest contain Prefabs (.hdp).
  3. Run Hero Designer and open a character (or begin creating a new one).
  4. Go to the Menu Bar and click "Prefabs" -> "Load Prefab".
  5. Browse to the folder where you unzipped the Pulp Hero Character Pack and select a Prefab.  Click "Load Prefab".  For this example, we will select the New Talent "Animal Friendship.hdp".
  6. In Hero Designer, click the "Talents" tab.  You will see 2 sub-tabs, "Talents" and "Prefabs".
  7. Select the "Prefabs" Tab.  You will see a folder called "Animal Friendship".  Open the folder and you will see the "Animal Friendship" Talent (Real Cost: 20).
  8. Double click the "Animal Friendship" Talent and it will add it to your Talents list on the left.  The 20 points will automatically accrue to your character total.
  9. You can load multiple Prefabs simultaneously but if you have too many loaded, it will fill up your memory.
  10. Other Prefabs will add a Tab to Skills, Martial Arts, Powers, Equipment, etc. depending upon the Prefab.

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