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Jason S.Walters

Hall of Champions Open For Heroes

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The Hall of Champions community content program is now on line! If you wish to contribute to it, please go to DriveThruRPG, log into your account, to go your account page, and then after logging in go to "My Content" select  Enter New Community Created Title. On the next page from that there will be a drop down menu so they can select the  Hero Games Hall of Champions program.

 And for more information here:
Please let me know if you have any further questions, and I look forward on working with you all through this program in the years to come. 
Jason Walters, Publisher 


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Where is the Hall of Champions logo to be found? I can't find where to download it from the community page.


Is there any prohibition about publishing characters that I've published for other systems? The info on the community page isn't really clear on that (at least it isn't to me)

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Did you try right-clicking on the Hall of Champions logo and using "Save image as . . . " (or your browser's equivalent) from the https://www.drivethrurpg.com/cc/28/hall-of-champions link?  It saves as 96 dpi for me.


As to your second question--the guidelines and types of content information seem to indicate that you can publish characters that you created for other systems--as long as you retained the rights to them.  If I'm wrong, I'm sure someone here will correct me.  I base this opinion on these lines:


 From the "What Types of Content Can I Create?" section:  "Characters: Now you can sell the villains, monsters, gods, animals, and heroes you’ve cleverly created!"


From the "What Types of Content Are Forbidden?" section:  "Other People’s IP: You do not have permission (or we the right) to release work based on the intellectual property of other people or companies as part of Hall of Champions. If you wish to for example show other fans your Champions 6th Edition write up of DC Comic’s character Green Lantern, please do so FOR FREE on the Hero Games website forums (https://www.herogames.com/forums/) or in some other location. But not here!

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So, being that I speak Adobe and being that I have some skillz (lulz), I would like to make an offer to ALL Hall of Champions participants. I am happy to help create high quality covers, previews and final products for upload.


For free.


I've seen a ton of shout outs on Facebook and the covers are blurry and terrible (I mean no offense...). I would like to level-up our social media presence and this will go a long way towards making it all look "more shiny".


I can also create FB sized previews that fit better (also Instagram and Twitter), so you can ensure your product puts its best foot forward (we can forward these to Jason if he's cool with that...).


Hit me via DM or email me directly at trechriron (with at) gmail (dot commage)


(My final goal would be to create some templates and scripts to help auto generate this in the future.)

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