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Champions Powers Character Pack installation issue

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I bought the Champions Powers Character Pack and I can't load/install it because there is no file extension.  I have perused the HD documentation and not found anything enlightening.  Has anyone else experienced this?  How did you solve the problem?

I'm not a computer wiz, but I can follow directions.  The problem is that I can't seem to find any directions on how to run this product.

Thanks for your time.




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There is no real "installation".


You place the HD files in a location.  I have a folder called HD 6th files and a subfolder called Champions Powers HD Files.  There is no real location required as long as you can find them.


Once the files are there, open Hero Designer.

In the menu click on Prefabs>Load Prefab and navigate to to the folder you placed the files into.  Pick the needed file and it will load.

The contents will show up in the Prefab tabs in Power, Skills etc. 


I hope this helps.

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Hi Spence. I recently purchased Champions Powers Character Pack and, like Trooper, cannot access the prefabs (not sure if he resolved his problem). After purchase, I see something called  "PHDFiles" (along with the recent corrections docs and prefabs) and the file type is simply listed as "File." I'm guessing this is the item your saying needs to be placed in a location. If so, I did that. After firing up Hero Designer and trying to load it under Prefabs, its not seeing the file. Can you please provide more guidance on what I'm doing wrong? I placed it in a folder titled Prefabs.


Thank you in advance. 

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So I think I resolved my problem by accessing the prefabs in the file called "Champions Powers HD Files ƒ". That being the case, I am now confused as to what the "PHDFiles" is and what do I do with it. Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks. 😊

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