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Dice, dice baby! (5e Black and Green Dice)

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So, I was at Robert Huston's spectacular Pulp Space HERO game at Mace 2019 recently, and noticed one of the other players had, not the blue and yellow Hexman dice, but the black and green ones from the time of 5e.


They were spectacularly appropriate for a pulp space game, bringing back memories of Commodore PET computers and other 80s green-screens....


But, my Google-fu is failing me - not even on eBay does anyone sell these!!!!


Time for a Kickstarter? I know the story here has 700+ sets of 6 Hexman blues and yellows, but since they have ZERO of the retro blacks and greens.....


If I say Jason Walters' name three times will he appear and launch a dice Kickstarter?


Thanks in advance!!!

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20 minutes ago, Christopher R Taylor said:

I wonder where these 700 mythical sets are since nobody is selling them anywhere and you cannot find any of these dice


They are Hero 6 dice in blue and yellow, and can be found in the Hero Store here: 

As you note, the black and green Hero 5 dice are long gone for purchase, and can only be found in rare treasure troves of old Hero players.




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Me? I was a great fan of 4ed. Unfortunately, Hero petered out for me on 5ed on (mostly because after that, all I could fine were D'nDers, then real life cut into my gaming world and shattered it). When GenCon was in my backyard, you could find me there.


I do agree with Duke. While 4ed was the start if the bulk, it was a much better rulebook than 5ed and 6ed.


(Of course I am a bit biase, because I didn't really start RPing till FASERIP, then Champions 4ed. This I skipped editions 1-3.)


If we are ever going to do 7ed, then we NEED it to be written by people who don't think we need five paragraphs to explain Blast is a range attack which shoots "energy" at a target to damage it, and the law of special effect can mean it could be anything. Even NERF soft tip darts.


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