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I'm having a weird access issue while I am at home and using an old iPad with its native Safari browser, which is pretty much the only way I get in from home for the last 5 years plus.  It started this morning.  When I try to access the root page of the NGD forum in this way, I get "This community is not available" that doesn't seem like it comes from the Hero Games site at all.  But ... I did not see this at all during the day (about 8AM to 3:15 PM PST) while I was at my desktop machine at my office during that interval.  Come back home, and the situation I found circa 7AM PST again exists: "This community is not available."  I do seem to be able to get to other forums within the site, notably including this "Site Questions" one.


But, (still at home on the old iPad) if I go back through my browser history and jump into an NGD thread, I can navigate within the thread, and among the threads in a semicontrolled way using the "Next thread with unread content".  Try to get to NGD forum home, though, and the refusal pops up again.


Only other stray datum I can add is the site home page says there are (exactly) 50,000 topics, which seems like a site-host or software-setting limit.  We'll see if it lets me create this thread (if not I will PM).


EDIT: It did let me start the thread, and the forum root page now says 50,001 topics, and I still cannot reach the NGD forum base page.

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