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Anyone play Mythic D6 or Tiny Supers

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I love D6 games in general going back to the WEG SW game.  Has anyone played the 2 games I mentioned in the title?  What was your experience like with them?  Would you recommend them?

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14 hours ago, tkdguy said:

I don't have those two games, but I ran a d6 Fantasy game once or twice. I want to try a Star Wars 2nd Edition game.

I’ve ran many games with SWD62e. It’s fun but a little wonky. The biggest complaint that many players have with it (and it’s so far as I know with other D6 games) is that Stun setting is better than regular (killing) attack.  Oh and if you search the old internet, there is a free upgrade from 2e to the essential rules of 2e revised and expanded rules. (I’ve changed that Telekinesis as an attack automatically gives you a Darkside point.)

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