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Bug: Multipower points warning, false positive


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Steps to recreate:


1. Create a brand new character (6E, Heroic or Superheroic, 15 points, 0 matching complications).

2. Add a Multipower framework. Set it at 10 active points (which costs 10 points of the 15).

3. Add a 2d6 Blast (Fixed, no modifications), which is 10 active points and 1 real points, for a total character cost of 11 points.


At this point, it gives a warning about the character exceeding the points available. Presumably, this is because the AP of the Multipower and the AP of the slot add up to more than 15 points, even though the actual points spent does not.

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Thank you for responding. I apologize, but I don't actually understand how this isn't a bug: it appears to be giving an incorrect warning.


I have 15 points. I've spent 11. The program responds with:



"This edit puts the total points used over the available total for the character"


I totally understand if it won't be fixed, or if it's low priority because ultimately, this doesn't break the character, it just means I get a warning pop-up that I have to close every time I add a power to a Multipower. It's a quality of life issue, not a "can't use at all" issue.


But it still looks like a bug to me.

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It is not a bug - it is the only way that it can logically work, unless you prefer the idea of a power being built (potentially a complex build) and added to an MP...and then deleted when you move it down and out of the MP (accidentally or not) as it then exceeds the max points available and the campaign is set to not allow that (vs. just warn or ignore).

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