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SUPERDRAFT: Cast your Fantasy KINGDOM!


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"You wanted to see me, your most majestic?" The Patriarch said. There always seemed to be a smile on the old man's face, but the beard made it hard to tell if it was saintly, or smirking. There were times the King swore their family's spiritual advisor (And highest priest in the land) had a great deal of fun at his expense. The old priest had sained him as a child. He would be the one to place the crown on his head. And, well, he always gave good advice.


"Yes, Most Sage," He said using the honorific, "It's about my new wife to be, the queen? I... can't focus around her."


"Ah, well, not unusual, my boy," The Patriarch said after making sure there were no ears that could hear him before using the youthful comment, which was meant with affection, "She's quite lovely. Unfortunately the Gods only gave man enough blood to energize either the brain or the crotch...the sight of a beautiful woman has it rush to the latter and thought goes out the archway." A chuckle.


"I'm terrified of her," the King pointed out, "I think she wants to kill me, and bury me next to father."


"Yeah, I suppose that'll soften a scepter," The Patriarch agreed sympathetically.


"You serve the god of wisdom, surely you've got some advice?" The King said alarmed.


"Lock the stables, practice your sprinting?" The Patriarch said. Oh yeah, that was a smirk under the beard.


"I hear the sound of someone losing their tax exempt status I think" The king glowered.


The Holy man tisked, "Fine fine... now here's my advice."


High Priest/Priestess of the Major region In your kingdom:  Robin Williams, as Osric the 13th, Patriarch of the Church of the God of Wisdom (From the first World Creation Superdraft, God of Wisdom's creator- Old man)


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1 hour ago, Hermit said:



The Holy man tisked, "Fine fine... now here's my advice."


High Priest/Priestess of the Major region In your kingdom:  Robin Williams, as Osric the 13th, Patriarch of the Church of the God of Wisdom (From the first World Creation Superdraft, God of Wisdom's creator- Old man)




Love this so much!

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Word of mouth called her Wyldsyde.  The reputation was one of a handful, an animal, a force of nature.


Not everything you heard was true.  But not everything you heard was wrong either.


Appearances made this young girl with her coffee-colored skin and dark foreboding eyes out to be just a teenage girl out on a beautiful day.  Appearances did not tell the whole story.


Neika was her real name.  The name Wyldsyde was an image, one that she carefully constructed in order to survive.  The world may have seemed to be a safe one, a golden day of glory, but the dangers were real and it did not pay to be caught unexpected.


She needed the escape.  She needed the freedom.Her life was hard and this was a luxury.


Few people knew of this hidden area, where the soft sound of a waterfall filled the pond.  Surrounded by trees, the pond provided some of the best privacy in the land. Neika had spent many lazy days in this location and she wanted to spent a few fleeting moments alone, at least alone for the most part.  She knew how to navigate the creatures that shared this area. Fate would not agree today.


As the young girl made her way to the pond, she noticed a sword lying on the ground beside the pond along with what appeared to be clothes made of the finest cloth.  She recognized the fineness of the garment immediately.  


Her senses were on alert and she immediately spotted the boy.  At the top of the waterfall, with his back to the pond, stood the scantily clad boy, with wavy dark hair fluttering in the breeze.  He held his arms out and tilted his head back to the sky. Before she could utter a warning, the boy dove backwards into the air.


“No!” she screamed, knowing that, though the waterfall was not particularly high, the water beneath held unseen dangers.  As the boy fell through the sky, she spotted the crocodile sliding into the pond. She knew when and where to avoid these creatures, but this visitor clearly did not.  Without a second thought, Neika leaped gracefully into the pond. They hit the water at the same time and she desperately swam toward where the boy had gone under, Neika thought nothing of herself as she only hoped to prevent an unnecessary meal.  


The cry of the boy’s voice told her that he had realized his error.  The creature’s powerful jaws had clamped around the boy’s left shoulder as he struggled in opposition.  Reaching the croc, Neika threw herself on the monster’s back, wrapping her arms around the neck. Fearing that she had no other option, Neika grabbed her blade from its pouch and drove it into the mighty beast’s eye.  The crocodile opened its mouth and, as Neika released the creature, it rolled away in pain.  


Turning her attention to the teen boy whose blood was polluting the water around him, she wrapped her arm around his torso and swam toward the shore.  She dragged his body up onto the grass, laying him gently down. Glancing at his shoulder, the wound looked remarkably better than she had expected. Pushing down on the wound to apply pressure, the boy snatched her hand and flipped her over.  He was suddenly on top of her.


“Well, I do believe that…” he started, but was not allowed to finish as Neika drover her free arm into his throat.  The sudden blow surprised the boy and she used that moment to throw him over her prone body, springing up onto her feet.  She immediately struck an offensive pose.  


“Back off,” she warned.  


“You…*cough*... misunder…* cough*” he said, standing and moving back toward his savior.  She threw a punch and he blocked the blow. This was followed by a series of punches and kicks, each defended by the boy.  Finally, he stepped back, putting both hands into the air. “Please…. I do not want to fight.”


Neika remained posed to strike as the boy backed away, grabbing his clothes.  Quickly putting them on, he turned his attention back to the girl.


“Please,” he said, “I only wish to thank you.  You saved my life.”


“What are you doing here?” she asked, not dropping her guard.  


“I was out for a walk through the beautiful woods when I came across this peaceful pond.  I could not resist. I did not know of the animal life. I didn't even know we had crocodiles in Galadral,” he said with a laugh. “I must apologize again, I am afraid.  I am so rude. My name is Alexander…”


“And you’re a liar,” she said.




“Do you take me for a fool?  You think I don’t recognize Prince Jessup when I see him?”


Jessup paused a moment, looking at the intensity in this young girl’s lovely face.  


“I am sorry.  I should not lie to you after you saved my life from that reptilian beast.  It is just that, at times,” Jessup paused, taking a deep, cleansing breathe, “my name and title bring unfair preconceived notions about who or what I am.  I would think that, if anybody, you would understand… Wyldsyde.”


Jessup smiled kindly, his face looking more like a goofy little kid than a future king and Neika felt her anxiety easing back.  She did not trust him, but she felt as if she was not in danger.


“Of course I know who you are,” he said.  “My… King Stanton told me of a legendary thief and rapscallion named Wyldsyde.  The King told me that this Wyldsyde would be around my age, but I was told that I needed to be cautious.”


“King Stanton was right,” she said.


“Clearly your character has been misjudged.  You willingly threw yourself into danger to save the life of a stranger from a dangerous animal.  Thank you,” he said, dropping any pretense that he had shown up until this point. That look on Jessup’s face put Neika at ease.


“You’re welcome, Prince Jessup.”


“Please, just call me Jessup.”

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