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League of Justice 80’s Style

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    Right now I’m listening to Buckaroo Banzai as I surf the net and I got to thinking that the ‘80’s might have been Hollywood’s last gasp at creating true heroes until the recent surge of Superhero movies. 
   Well, neurons started misfiring and I started to imagine an American “League of Extraordinary Gentlemen”.  So far I’ve got Buckaroo leading Remo Williams, Meteor Man, Buffy (the original) vampire slayer and an American (Highlander style) immortal.  
   The only criteria’s would be original movie characters from the ‘80’s (So no Batman or Greatest American Hero) and no dark or “anti” heroes. (So no Professional or Hackers)   Anybody have any candidates?

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1 hour ago, slikmar said:

How about Doc Brown for his time genius.


Indiana Jones is 80s, right?


   Indy would be in his mid to late 80’s by the 1980’s (Unless drinking from the Grail slowed his aging.) and I did consider Doc Brown & Marty, but when you look at the films they don’t really care about what their actions may do to the timeline or anybody else’s history.
  Marty is out for his and Doc’s survival, and later he does everything to keep his own improved timeline.  Doc on the other hand knows full well that Clara is fated to die but saves her anyway.  Compare this to Kirk’s actions in Star Trek’s “City on the edge of Forever”.


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1 hour ago, Starlord said:

The Commando

- STR 35

- force field, only vs gunfire and explosives used by mooks

- PRE attack:  cheesy one liners and catchphrases

   I have a soft spot for John Matrix.  I once GM’ed a team who’s UNTIL contact was Lt. Cmdr. Jennifer Matrix.  The now adult version of Alyssa Milano’s character.

 Even with the quotes I threw in it took them half of forever to figure it out.  

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Faulty memory.
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4 hours ago, Old Man said:

While RoboCop and Indiana Jones are both ‘89s films, they are set in 2043 and 1936, respectively. So I’m not sure they would fit this particular League. 

   See my earlier comment about the possible age slowing effects of drinking from the Grail.  If enough folks want him in, who am I to refuse.

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Well, it's not a movie that came out in the 1980s, but it's a movie that seems set in and pays homage to the 1980s -- Kung Fury!


The team could roll around in an EM-50 Urban Assault Vehicle courtesy of the movie Stripes.


There's always NYPD officer John McClane (Die Hard).  Or "Ash" Williams (Evil Dead). 


Rather than the Karate Kid, I'd have Mr. Miyagi.


How about Captain Avenger (from Hero at Large, starring John Ritter)?  Or Nick Pirandello (Jim Belushi's CIA agent character in Real Men).


Some of the above are (hopefully obviously) tongue-in-cheek suggestions.

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