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Hello, I was wondering if I could get some help with my password for this site. When I originally set up my account, I linked it to my Verizon email. Well several years later and I want to change where my password would go to (I use gmail) and I can’t remember how to access my Verizon account nor does my wife. I was wondering if it would be possible for a moderator to change it to my gmail account? 

Thanks in advance.

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I can’t sauce I cant remember my password for Hero games. I’m kept logged in on my phone. So I can’t change my email cause to reset the Hero password it sends it to the Verizon account which can’t reset cause I don’t remember that one. (Normally I write these down but unfortunately I didn’t this time).

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2 hours ago, Ninja-Bear said:

I would but then it asks me for confirmation which I can’t give cause I don’t remember this password either. I would gladly reset it but as I initially said it’s linked to my old Verizon account which I don’t have access to.

 N-B, I just went and changed my password.  It did not ask me to give any confirmation via email or anything else.


Go to account settings, then password


It should have three fields.  the first is current password which, if you are logged in, should already be filled in.  The next is the new password and the second to confirm the new password.


That simply works. No reference to email.  i did it and the new password works perfectly while the old one does not allow me in any more.


As for the email address, the rubric says "An email will be sent to the email address you specify below, outlining what you need to do.".  I presume that means to the new email address that you enter - not the old one.  I did not try this because it also says "You will have to re-activate your account after changing your email address" and I have no idea what that would entail and so being helpful only went so far for me...  😄



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Thanks for all the help. Doc you're a genius. So here's what happened First (which i didn't know) Verizon terminated their email accounts in 2017. Second at some point i used my wife's computer to loggin, which i rarely do. But when i did, i saved my password using a password manage (thanks Doc for the ides!) So i was able to change (and write down) the password!

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