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PDF paid but not available

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Not trying to call you out; I am trying to be helpful.


The most common cause of this complaint is not being familiar with the store part of the site.  Just to be certain of the steps to be taken:


In the banner above (assuming you're on a desktop), hover over the tab marked "Store." This brings up the subheadings: the one you're looking for Client Area.  Click that.  This will take you to a list of your purchases.  On the far left side of every item is a button that says "Manage."  Hit that.  That will take you to the download page for that product.


Assuming you've done all that, I can say that it's not regular at all, but once in a while, things happen.  It's happened to me a time or two, but a message or e-mail to Jason Waters gets is straightened out in a day or two.


(Get a dropbox.  The couple of times he's intervened directly on my behalf, it required a dropbox.)





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I just wanted to say that this answer solved the same issue that I just had. The issue seems to be that the automatic e-mail that you get when you make a purchase sends you to a bad link. At least, this is what happened to me. That's not a problem of not knowing how to use the site (which is not always obvious), it's a problem with the site itself. It's nice to know that the information was available once I realized that if I looked hard enough I might be able to find an answer. It still means that the issue needs to be resolved. 

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