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Marvel Sentinels for Champions (the mutant-hunting robot kind)


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Anyone round here who's made a version of the Marvel Comic universe Sentinels (the mutant-hunting robot kind) for Champions 5th or 6th Edition, or know anyone who has attempted this?  


I can't find any examples online, but my Google-fu may be failing me... 


The reason behind all this is that I'm going to create Mark III and Mark IV Sentinels for my current Marvel 1980s Champions campaign, and it would be interesting to se others take on Jack Kirby's iconic robots...


I'm debating whether to make them Automatons or not, for example.





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Thanks for the information, never played 4th Ed., so I was unaware of the Minuteman robots as "Champions equivalents" of the Sentinels (unfortunately, I don't have any 4th Ed. supplements). Seems there's a version of them in Champions Universe 5th Ed. though according to a forum search, I'll take a look there.

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16 minutes ago, segerge said:

The 4th Ed supplement "The Mutant File" also had a stat block for the Minuteman Mark VII. It was in their chapter on GENOCIDE.


I have upgraded that design for 5th Ed with the intent of using it in a plotted TASK FORCE story set in early 1996.


If you don't mind, where can I find this updated version you've made? I checked your Task Force website, but I can't seem to find them among the Villains there.

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Haven't posted it there. If you can't wait,  I can make the HDC files available to you on request.


Be warned that I based my rebuild on the Mark VIII Sentinels in X-Men/Marvel that required a Human pilot.  They also share some of my other quirks in building characters/vehicles.

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30 minutes ago, segerge said:

Haven't posted it there. If you can't wait,  I can make the HDC files available to you on request.


Be warned that I based my rebuild on the Mark VIII Sentinels in X-Men/Marvel that required a Human pilot.  They also share some of my other quirks in building characters/vehicles.


No rush, I just thought you had them online somewhere and that I missed them.

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I'd suggest something like this for general guidelines:


--Build your Sentinels to the desired power level compared to your PC group.  Sometimes the X-Men would have to team up to defeat a single Sentinel, sometimes each X-Man could take out one or more on their own.  So the first step is to decide which of these you want to emulate.  My preferred version is that a lone Sentinel is more powerful than an individual hero, but their tactics are fairly simple and they don't travel in as large a group as the PCs do.


--You don't have to worry about building them as Automatons, just do them as normal characters and give them a Disadvantage "destroyed when reduced to 0 Stun".


--Give them a range of attacks that would be useful against different character types.  Sentinels are expected to fight all different sorts of mutants.  Rely on pseudo-real world attacks instead of Star Trek colored lights (i.e., a gas attack could theoretically affect most Desolid characters, as they still need to breath -- so use that instead of some ghostbusters energy beam).  Likewise they should have a wide range of sensory abilities to detect Invisible characters and the like.


--Moderate OCV and low DCV.  They're dangerous on offense but easy to hit.  Moderate defenses and Stun.  They aren't as tough as pure bricks, but are tougher than energy blasters/martial artists.  Speed just a tad lower than average.


So for a 12D6 game, where your normal character is going to have around an 8 OCV/DCV and 5 or 6 Speed, 25-30 Def and 40 Stun, they might look something like this (5th edition rules):


Sentinel knock-off

Str 55  (lower than the pure brick)

Dex 15 (slow)

Con 30 (very hard to stun)

Body 10 (once you get past their defenses, they break easy)

Int 5 (easy to trick)

Ego 10 (fairly simple programming)

Pre 25 (big scary robot)

Com 10


PD 25 (on low end of average)

ED 25 (same)

Spd 4 (slow)

Rec 17 (baseline figured characteristic)

End 60 (same)

Stun 53 (also normal figured, higher than most non-bricks)


15/15 Damage Resistance (enough to make them bulletproof, and won't take Body from an average roll of 4D6 RKA)

Life Support: Full

30 pts Mental Defense, not versus telemechanics (or you can classify them as machine minds if you want to go that direction)

10" Knockback Resistance


+4 OCV (9 total -- they're quite accurate and can hit most fast characters unless they are actively dodging)

KS: Known mutants and their vulnerabilities 10-

Tactics 10-


20" Flight

10" Running

10" Swimming (underwater propulsion)



Active Sonar

High Range Radio Hearing


63 pt Multipower "attack powers"

--12D6 Energy Blast "ion beam"

--6D6 Entangle "steel alloy constricting net launcher"

--4D6 Energy Blast, Area Effect Hex, NND (no need to breathe), Affects Desolid "knockout gas"

--8D6 Energy Blast, Explosion "concussion rockets"

--10D6 Energy Blast, variable special effects (fire, cold, electricity, chemical acid) "various hidden weapons"

--12D6 Flash vs Sight "blinding flares"




And there you go.  Each Sentinel probably wouldn't have the full range of attack powers.  Most of them might only have two or three.   But the idea is that ideally they'd be prepared for anybody they ran across.  Fast characters get the Explosion attack because their defenses probably aren't as high.  Desolid characters get the gas attack, as do people who seem to shrug off too many hits.  Entangles go against people with foci or who need to move their arms around.  Otherwise the Sentinel will default to the basic Energy Blast, unless it identifies somebody with a key vulnerability (vulnerable to fire, cold, electricity, etc).  I try to keep those "real world" as opposed to gravity beams or something too technologically out there.


The Sentinels' plan will be fairly straightforward.  One plan might be that one will be visible while another 1 or 2 hide nearby (in a body of water, or inside a convenient warehouse) and hold action.  When the heroes show up, the hidden Sentinels reveal themselves and attack from surprise.  They don't try to wear heroes down by trading blows.  They'll pick whatever they think you're most vulnerable to and blast with that, hoping to drop you or incapacitate you with one shot.  Flash vs Sight is great for stopping a lot of bricks.  They'll hope to drop several characters in the opening volley, and then gang up on the others.


The way the heroes beat them is by using clever tactics.  Sentinels fall for every trick in the book.  They don't hold action, and they don't block or dodge.  They don't think on their feet well at all.  They are vulnerable to coordinated attacks.  If your heroes are just getting stomped, it's easy enough to have the Sentinel use the "wrong" attack against a hero.  Who knows what their files say.  Feel free to use that 8D6 Explosion against the brick if you need to keep the heroes conscious, and just blame it on a programming error.  Likewise you can assume that a lot of their files are at least several months out of date, if not years.  Any character who has had a major change on their character sheet will surprise them.

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51 minutes ago, massey said:

I'd suggest something like this for general guidelines:


Many thanks for the tips and guidelines on building and running Kirby's old bots, I'll be using quite a bit of what you suggested (though I'm leaning towards making them Automatons and Machine minds).


The game I'm running is a 300 point game, but the (Mark III) Sentinels probably won't show up until they're at least at 350 points.


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As for what I’ll be building, there will be making numerous versions of the Sentinels, from the Mark III (the worst model, not that tough at all, almost a really durable and dangerous minion) to the Mark IV and Mark V (quite good and tough respectively) and the Mark VI (really tough), based on the writeups in the Children of the Atom book from the old TSR Marvel RPG, but I’ll use all the tips I’ve gathered here for how to build them in Champions 6th Edition.


That way I can use different variants depending on the situation and what suits the adventure. I'll probably have them run up against quite a few Mark III's and (and get used to fighting them) then surprise the heroes with the almost identically looking but far tougher later marks in a later adventure.


For a curveball, I might throw in the Mark II's (even better than the later Mark VI's, actually the toughest regular Sentinels outside of the Days of Future Past storyline) later on when they've learned to tell them apart just to surprise them further still, but that ways down the line (have to build and use the Mark II's first of all).

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