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Champions in Central Wisconsin

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Been living here in Two Rivers Wisconsin for about over a year now and I am looking for getting a Champions/Hero System group together.  I have been a Hero fan since I bought my first Champions book in 1981.  I have GMed several campaigns over the years and I am itching to get another one started.  I am a retired/self employed person so I am flexible as far as time goes.  I prefer modern or pulp era games as opposed to fantasy which I feel is saturating the community.  I prefer 4th or 5th edition or maybe even earlier.  I really want to run a Superhero game in mid 1970s bronze age with a Six Million Dollar Man kind of feel.  Probably low powered street level stuff with some espionage.


Willing to play online if I have to but I would prefer face to face at my house.  Let me know if you are interested.

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