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Faster Pussycat Kill Kill Kill!

Sean Waters

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There have been many attempts at producing a decent but manageable killing attack, right?  Maybe we have been going about it all wrong…


So, thinking about damage, superheroes seem to be largely immune to Body damage from Normal attacks, right?


How about this:


1.       Normal Defences only count half against Body damage.

2.       Killing attacks are a +1/4 advantage and mean that Normal Defences only count a quarter against Body damage.




50 points: 10d6 attack against 20 (normal) pd:


Average Roll: 35/10 = 15 Stun through Defences and no Body and no real chance of Body using existing system (10 average against 20 defence) BUT an above average Body roll WILL cause some Body damage: not likely to be much and the result is not highly volatile, but some.


Same 50 points, gets you an 8d6 attack with (+1/4) killing.


So, Average Roll for 8d6: 28/8 gets 8 Points of Stun and 3 Points of Body through Defences.   Again, not highly volatile, but a worry.


I think this would make healers more valuable , and regeneration.  I think this could be really interesting.  Thanks to ScottishFox for basically handing me the idea.


So.  Whaddya think?

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Basically any quantity of RDEF is going to prevent any BODY from getting through.  https://anydice.com/program/19bc0 has the numbers.  Notice that a character with 20 PD, 4 of which is RPD, takes barely any BODY from a KA.  And that's a pretty low amount of RDEF! 

You'd have to heavily restrict access to RDEF to make this work. 

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